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Well Skating has become one of my favorite pasttimes ever since I got my first skates about 5 years ago. Oh yeah they were the bomb. The black and neon yellow Variflex Blaze skates lasted me about a month. That was back in sixth grade. Since then I've gone on to own 6 pairs of skates. My current skates are K2 Fatty's with Senate Mike Opaleks on the outside and Fr Cock Rings in the middle. I'm really dissapointed with my fatty's though because I cracked both frames and cracked the ankle off. They are cheaply made skates and K2 should consider making better improvements.

My favorite place to skate is definately Woodward skate camp. That place was so much fun I would advise everyone to go there. It is so fun even if you don't learn that much. But around my area I usually skate at my local high school, Computer City, Extremes Skatepark, Video Video, Summit Bank, Wilson School, Hacketstown skate park, Summit YMCA, and some other places I'm sure I forgot.

My favorite shop is definately Subculture. They have been getting a lot better at carrying everything people need and you should all go check it out. Last November they held a little competition that hooked me up with some cool shit. I took second after Ray Napolitano. But it was a lot of fun. They recently just put up a new web page so go check it out. I also recently entered a skate competition in Staten Island New York. It was held by A year and a Day skate shop. I placed ninth behind some really good skaters but also beat some good skaters. I was very happy with the way I skated and it was a lot of fun.

Me at the bridge rail If you ever want to come skate around here you should email me and I'll come find you and have a great old time. And if you are up to the challenge I'll take you to a 185 foot 5 kinked rail I've been werking on. There is some pretty good shit around here anyway and I'll show you around. My new place to skate is in NewBrunswick at the bridge rail(the one I'm royalling in the picture). It is a 100 foot rail that I have royalled, souled(sit down), over-acided, and sidewalked. Well I'm out.

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