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Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here are a couple pictures of ME! I have recently moved all my pictures so they can all be accessed and so the page loads a lot quicker! I hope that you stay long enough to get an idea of who I am! In my page I will share a lot about who I am and what I am about! There are some links to things scattered throughout my page, please take some time to check them out. This way you can learn even more.

New Stuff in my Life!!!

Well most of y'all know i'm in the grand state of Texas and boredom. I'm now working on a book, slowly developing psychotic stuff to mess with all of your heads. I'm taking a much needed vacation from school, after all that has happened in the last year i just need some time to chill out and soak up life.

Soak City is a water park that is connected to the amusement park Cedar PointThis is where i spend my summers in the sun. The scenery is great but the pay isn't all that great. All my fellow CP folks know what i mean.

This is a picture of the quad where i lived when i was at Central Michigan University!

I'm a huge fan of the band Rage Against the Machine! I would suggest you definitely do the research on these guys. They're a kick ass band from L.A. with an intense beat! There are a million sites about them and I might repost my pictures a little later!
I love to write when i have time, i'm hoping to put on some of my works for all to comment on. I also chat alittle too much. Which u can find me at my chat home TALKCITY!!! where u can find me when I'm not doing anything else!

Email me at omar0727@yahoo.com Please email me with any comments on my page or if you have time just share a theory or two and throw it in my box. I am always interested in ppl that think similarly to me. And before u try to tell me everything i think is wrong read this:
I have been forming my opinions on this world for 20 years. A couple of emails from people to lazy to get of their soap box for awhile and consider someone elses point of view is not going to change mine.

Now that that is understood, EMAIL AWAY!!!

Here is a picture of my neice at about one year. Kamryn Wellington is now three. I know what your thinkin, who in the world would allow u to be an uncle......talk to my bro it's his fault.


As i said before, I like to write. I'm in the process of getting more of my "stuff" on here. If you'd like to sample a bit of my writing here it is. I'll warn u now, it's long but well worth the time.

This is the story of my hip dislocation


Here's a poem entitled:Life

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