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Here's what my friend had to say about the Denver show:

AnU2 put on a media extravangza that defines American culture

perfectly. As our culture goes more and more towards conspicuous

consumption where we chew up goods and spit them out soon after

buying them, the PoP tour was just that. An in your face, fast paced,

sensory overload with crisp, clear, extremely loud music complemented by

surreal images that was almost too much, even for us Americans.

Even in this day an age when we want everything yesterday, Pop Mart takes

living in the 90's to the very edge (no pun intended) Strap it up and

hang on!

Remember this is coming from a person who did not listen to U2 until

Actung Baby!

Actually I thought it was great! Man we were rockin. As you can see

from the above I am really impressed with the whole thing. The pixel

board was awesome! I want one.

I heard they did the entire show earlier in the day. As a result of the

screw ups in San Diego and Las Vegas. It showed, they were really tight.

Vinnie, I bet you were creamin in you jeans

BY Timothy Beasley

p.s. Yes I was!



Total show time: 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 41 seconds.

It was a windy night in the parking lot of Mile High, however you can feel the Electricity in the air and in my head.

Entering the building was a little difficult, because the entrance was blocked off, while U2 made their way through

the floor seats to get to the stage. Lights go off, and the Intro to PopMuzik begins, Mile High starts getting real load,

awesome opening while the stage lights go up and U2 makes their way to the stage. As U2 reaches to the stage

Bono (MR. TYSON) breaks into MOFO complete and awesome song.

The highlight of the show was during Pride (In The Name of Love), Bono slowed the band down and spoke to the
audience about the election in England. He said, that England had just elected a new Prime Minister. He said that it's
going to take a lot of hard work to solve the problems in the North, but he wishes Blair luck! Bono's tone was optimistic
about the future. The headline on this morning paper was "Blair, Labor win in Landslide" and "U2 puts a new shine on
oldies at Mile High".

After I Will Follow, Bono commented on how out of breath he was from the altitude and said he didn't know how we
could do it. "There's no air!"

Then during I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Bono rewrote and reworked a verse of lyrics to talk about the
Denver weather. I forgot exactly what he said, but it was something to the extent that it was so damn cold.

During his first address to the audience after Even Better Than the Real Thing, he spoke about his experiences in Denver.
He talked about how damn cold it was. He talked about how we were expecting snow. Mentioned how it rained during
'83 at Red Rocks, snow during November when Rattle & Hum was filmed at McNichols, and rainy last time they were
here. He said, "We came here in '83 and it rained...tonight they're talking about snow. What's wrong with you people?"
There's always bad weather in Denver for a U2 show....something you can count on.

During Miami, he reworked the lyrics to say, "I love the place where the shine doesn't shine at all" while pointing to the
Denver sky. One of my favorite songs! MY MAMMY!

Until the End of the World was also another treat. The song just went on and on and on...I didn't think the Edge would
ever stop playing!

Finally, during One, Bono thanked Rage Against The Machine for being their opening band. He said, "Thank you Rage,
we're one, but we're not the same." He said a few other things about them.

Now, my complaints about the show. The concert people "re-sectioned" the floor. Basically, they eliminated A1, A5,
and A6. They then added an A7, A8 right behind A3/A4. This moved B all the way to the back. So people who were
originally in the front of A5, got moved to the middle of the arena. People generally took it well, but there were some
complaints. However, the reissued tickets had the following notice accompanying them, "As you probably know the U2
Pop Mart Tour opened last Friday in Las Vegas. Due to the massive production, the biggest in history of touring, we
discovered that certain seats while fairly close to the stage, did not afford the ticket holder a chance to see and enjoy the
entire show in the manner we had hoped, therefore, in order to have everyone enjoy the entire concert experience, we
are relocating certain sections on the field. Let us assure you that your relocated seat will be a better one than the one
you held, regardless of the location." An interesting note, however, I don't know whether this would have been the case.
I'm not entirely convinced. So, my experience is, your seats aren't guaranteed until you're in them. They can be changed
at the last minute.

The band was red hot! They played magnificently! The rhythm section was out of control. Adam and Larry were very
tight. However, because of the cold or apathy, the audience really wasn't into most of the tour. Sometimes they were
even sitting down in their chairs. The old classics from Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and Unforgettable Fire got the house
rocking, but the audience didn't seem too familiar with the new songs.

My overall rating, I'd give the Denver show 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars!, I WILL BE GIVING MY NEXT REVIEW, AFTER


Also I want to thank Peter Weinberg for taping the show.

For my friends in Colorado Springs who attend the show with me, thanks I had a blast!

My wife Tracey, Hal, Chris, Peter, Dawn, Reed, Jack and Joe.

Joe thanks for driving!



PopMusik Intro
I Will Follow
Even Better than The Real Thing
Do You Feel Loved -- Get into the Groove (Madonna)
Pride -- Wished Tony Blair good luck
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Last Night on Earth
Until the End of the World
If God Will Send his Angels --Edge & Bono only, b - stage
Staring at the Sun -- Back to Main Stage
Day Dream Believer
Bullet The Blue Sky -- I Want to live in America, from West Side Story
Please -- Sunday Bloody Sunday tease
Where the Streets Have No Name


Lemon Remix Played over PA
Discotheque (B-Stage) --Howie B. Hairy B. Mix Rap at end (from the extended single)
With or Without You (B-Stage)
Hold Me Thrill Me (Main Stage) -- Help (Beatles)
Mysterious Ways




The PopMart Vegas and San Diego Setlist

---Intro to "Pop Muzik"---
I Will Follow
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Do You Feel Loved
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Last Night On Earth
Until The End Of The World
If God Will Send His Angels
Staring At The Sun
Day Dream Believer
Bullet The Blue Sky
Where The Streets Have No Name
---start of encore with taped Lemon remix---
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
With or Without You
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Mysterious Ways

U2 show stage out of this


4/25/97, 9:20pm, Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV. The lights go out and the crowd goes wild. The
concert started with an updated version of M's "Pop Musik" playing while the band entered the stadium. Right
from the start it was great, the band walked through the audience, onto the b-stage and up to the main stage to start
Mofo. Mofo is a great song on the album, but really came alive in concert, the perfect song to start with.

As soon as Mofo ended that familiar U2 sound came blasting out of Edge's guitar "I Will Follow!", we went nuts. I
heard rumors that they were working on it in the soundcheck and had my fingers crossed. It was as great as ever.

Bono talked to the crowd. He said "I woke up in a pyramid, looked out at the New York skyline... This is the only
place in the world where nobody's gonna notice a 40 foot lemon. A city where dreams come true. Viva Las
Vegas!". Even Better Than The Real Thing.

Do You Feel Loved? This was the song they picked for the ABC special "U2: A Year In POP". Bono asked the
crowd "Do you believe in luck? I don't. Do you believe in love?" and sang "I feel loved, do you feel loved?" Bono
seemed to be holding back on this one.

Pride (In The Name Of Love). This was one of the high points of the concert for me, and a real surprise this early
in the set. Bono started by singing the end of the song "In the name of Love, What more in the name of Love?..."
and had the crowd sing it. By this point I was already loosing my voice but sang (screamed) the words as loud as
possible. Then they went into the first verse.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Bono started the song by talking about filming Rattle & Hum 10 years
ago, and playing Las Vegas almost 10 years ago to the day. He pointed to the stage and asked "Is this what you're
looking for?"

Last Night On Earth. Good, but still room for improvement.

Gone, my favorite song from POP taken to an even higher level.

Until the End of the World. Another one I really wanted to hear. Basically the same as the Zoo T.V. version. Edge
tied in the intro to If God Will Send His Angels really well.

If God Will Send His Angels, played on the b-stage by Bono and Edge with Adam and Larry kicking in about half
way through. More stripped down than the album version, it still needs some work but it should be an great live

Staring At The Sun was the first major problem of the show. Larry and Adam headed out to the b-stage. Bono
announced "We have to take care of a little business. This is our new single..." When the song started they were
total out of sync and stopped after about a minute. I couldn't see what was going on but people who could see said
that Bono was yelling at Larry and them told the crowd "Just having a little family row." Bono then started the
song again, this time playing much faster. They still made mistakes, but got through to the end. This was rumored
to be the song they were going to use for the ABC special, but it just wasn't done well enough. This is another one
that will be great once they get it down.

Everyone but Edge left the b-stage for a break, and to cool off after the troubles with Staring At The Sun. Edge
said "Since it's the first night the guitar player has to sing a song. This is a song by Bob Dylan... This is a one off
just for Las Vegas." Day Dream Believer began playing over the speakers and Edge sang the words, along with the
audience, while reading them from the video screen, karroke style. This was a great idea, and the crowd loved it. I
hope they keep it up as the tour goes on.

Edge headed back to the main stage and the rest of the band came back to start Miami. Bono changed into a blue
flower print shirt, and a black rimmed hat. Someone commented that he looked like Charlie Chaplin. If Bono was
pissed over Staring At The Sun it definitely fueled the intensity of this song, when he sang "Miami, My Mammy"
he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He also added the lyric "The sun shines east, the sun shines west, but the
sun shines best in MIAMI!". The images on the screen were really cool, during Bono's "MIAMI!" they had palm
trees blowing in a hurricane wind.

Bullet The Blue Sky was next, another personal favorite. All the spot lights pointed at the sky to a single point
which was really cool. Bono rapped his speech in the middle of the song, a lot different than the Zoo TV version.
He also had an umbrella with the American flag on it that he carried around, pumping it into the air. Once they get
the new version down I think it will take the song to even greater heights than the Zoo TV version did.

Please was next, after Gone this is my other favorite song on POP. Definitely better live, but still needs some
work. At the end Bono kept singing "Please ... Please ... Please ..." while Edge started Sunday Bloody Sunday.
Bono held out his hand for them to stop, kept on singing "Please ..." and then the intro to "Where The Streets
Have No Name" started. Streets was updated too, and Bono added some additional lyrics at the end, but I couldn't
make them out.

The band left the stage and Bono said "We'll be right back!". Some cool images were displayed on the screen while
the band got ready for the strangest addition to the set ...

The Perfecto Mix of Lemon played from tape while the band secretly climbed into the 40 foot lemon. There was a
bright yellow cover over the lemon during the first part of the show, this was removed to reveal that the lemon was
actually covered with thousands of tiny discoball mirror pieces. Smoke began to pour out of the stage to enhance
the effect, but this whole segment seemed to be overdone, and went on way to long while the Perfecto Mix kept
playing. Finally the Lemon began to rotate and move out toward the catwalk, then out about halfway to the
b-stage. It stopped rotating, and opened with the band standing inside. A staircase was raised up from the b-stage to
let them out and they headed to the b-stage to play Discotheque. They were off on this one too and stopped
completely for a second in the middle. Once this whole sequence is perfected it will be great, but most people
seemed to feel that is was just to long and killed the momentum they built, It would have worked better as the
concert opening, instead in the middle of the show.

They all stayed on the b-stage and played If You Wear That Velvet Dress. This is my least favorite song on POP,
but I was hoping that hearing it live would change that, it didn't. This song had the audience really quiet and
seemed out of place. The show was really starting to slow down.

With or Without You got everyone going again. Sounded great. The band was still on the b-stage and Bono slowly
made his way to the stage.

The band headed off stage and said good night, but it wasn't over yet. Images of the McPhisto symbol began
flashing on the screen, that could only mean one thing -- Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me! I've been waiting
to hear this song live ever since it was released on the Batman Forever soundtrack and I wasn't disappointed.
Another highpoint in the show.

Mysterious Ways came next, no belly dancer on stage, this time she was just on the screen.

The band looked like they were going to leave the stage, then Edge put on another guitar and started One. I really
wanted them to do this acoustic, but they played it in a way similar to Zoo TV. They seemed really tired so it
wasn't that good. The screen images were great, a large red heart that turned into lots of people "We have to carry
each other, carry each other, One!"

They left the stage, the lights came up and the updated version of Tomorrow began to play. Overall it was a great
show, but there is still lots of room for improvement. I think the set list will go through some changes over the next
few shows, and more practice is needed. One area that was really lacking was the acoustic set. People who
attended the sound checks all week said they were doing a great version of Stay, hopefully that will find it's way
into the set.

1. Discotheque(5.19)
2. Do You Feel Loved(5.07)
3. MOFO(5.47)
4. If God Will Send His Angels(5.22)
5. Staring At The Sun(4.37)
6. Last Night on Earth(4.46)
7. Gone(4.27)
8. Miami(4.53)
9. The Playboy mansion(4.41)
10.If You Wear That Velvet Dress(5.15)
12.Wake Up Dead Man(4.52)

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