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Gee Coffee

Jan. 25 1997
  1. The Holmes Band (Their last show, they broke up because they thought that they weren't good enough.)
  2. Pother (My friends bands, good as always.)
  3. Crackbabies (Did not show because they couldn't use the sound system first.)
  4. Nuclear Family (One of my favorite local punk bands, I've been waiting 1/2 a year to see them live.)
  5. Skeletones (First time I've seen them live, good show.)
This was a really great show all together. I see my friends band play all the time but not with as good of bands as these. The Holmes Band was great, since it was their last show they just messed around and played 80's metal instead of their usual punk/ska mix. The lead singer is in a new band called The Broadcast and the drummer is starting another project also. Pother played a good show that included an on stage paper fight between the band and the crowd, this was followed by a charge of 10-20 fans onto the small stage in the middle of a song. Nuclear Family, what else is there to say, I've got their CD that is out on Manic Records, so I knew basically all the songs. I will definately go back to see them. The Skeletones were very good and totally played to the crowd. The lead singer had a very good stage presence and was very energetic. This show was well worth paying $5 to see.
Jan. 31 1997
  1. ? (unknown band)
  2. ? (unknown band)
  3. Sunshine Vandals

Feb. 1 1997
  1. ? (unknown band)
  2. ? (unknown band)
  3. Pother

Mar. 1 1997
  1. Pother
  2. Crackbabies
  3. Nuclear Family

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