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Welcome to the bands page !!!

The years are : 1960's to 1970's,The Music is : Rhythm & Blues,

The Musicians were : Magic !

As seen through Blue's eyes(Bassist & Creator of this page)

If there was a time I wish I could go to , it would be somewhere in the middle 1960's. It was a time of change , hope and dreams. The one thing that made it all possible , was music ! It had no colour,no rage and no guns!!!

That shady looking character above is Jay

Jay started the band in 95', it has been riding a wave ever since!

Plays guitar and is the lead vocals in the band . He also arranges the the bands music. born in Toronto, he has been in the music industry for over 20 years. His travels as a pro., have taken him through Chicago , Detroit, etc.

Oh yeah! Including coast to coast back here at home!

Big Al is a multi-talented musician. His musical talents go far beyond the band. He is primarily the bands brass section (keyboards). He also plays trombone in a big band. He has an exceptional ear for music ! We are very proud to have this Blue-Eyed Soul brother as part of the band.

Stick's is a 70's style drummer that has a great backbeat rythm. The bands music was originally to be the 60's, but has been turning a corner and his aggressive 70's style beats have put the band at another level that much earlier then planned.


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Bass Guitar Len (no longer with band) .....Drums Ken (Stick's)

Keyboards > Raimo (Big Al !)

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