So cold and desolate. The dying trees loaming over the neglected road. Which path to take? To the left the tracks seem to go on forever like the everlasting boredom that has recently overtaken your so-called life. The other tracks seem to come to an abrupt and voluntary end. An icy breeze crosses the track and you can feel the sting of the bone chilling wind as it violently tears away whatever warmth is left in your body.. In your heart.. Crystalline saddness twinkles in the struggling sunlight as it falls to the ground. Maybe if you cry enough, you can drown in your own sorrow or attempt to freeze together the pieces of your shattered heart... or maybe you just have to wait for the next train to hum by...

droplets of saltly sorrow have fallen onto this track..
As of July 18, 1998.. the following things are new:
Malachite's Favourite Quotes
Some Questionnaire Results

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Worthless Reflection: On Love - R.I.P. (July 18, 1998 - August 24, 1998)

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Worthless Reflection: Types of Goths

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The Meaning of Gothic
Malachite's Biography
Worthless Reflection: Mal's Gothnicity

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