Damon Albarn lovers unite!! This is my damn lovely page dedicated to the man himself. I WILL HAVE NEW PICTURES SOON. I mean that! If you have anything you'd like to contribute, or you'd just like to chat, you can always e-mail me, Allison. Special thanks to Beverly, for letting me use some of her amazing pictures! And also thanks to Jaime who is going to let me use her scanner soon (I promise!). Last updated: 6/19/97.

The Gallery

More are coming....

The first 7 are new...
  1. New! Damon, hot...hmmm...I mean in hot weather! (Thanks to Beverly)
  2. New! Damon chewing his shirt...rather self-explanatory. (Thanks to Beverly)
  3. New! Damon looking blissful...oooh! Good picture!!(Thanks to Beverly)
  4. New! Damon, wearing only a towel...with Alex. (Thanks to Beverly)
  5. New! Damon, shirtless...very young here. (Thanks to Beverly)
  6. New! Damon, taking off his shoes...after playing soccer. (Thanks to Beverly)
  7. New! Damon, in highschool...absolutley darling!! (Thanks to Beverly)
  8. Damon & Graham...A bit big.
  9. Damon lying in grass...Chemical World-esque.
  10. Damon playing guitar...looking lovely, of course!
  11. Damon & Alex...originally part of a bigger picture, but I cropped it.
  12. Damon head shot...his eyes look especially lovely here.
  13. Damon on cover of Vox mag...kinda small.
  14. Damon singing...from some French mag.
  15. Blur- laughing...lots of smiles.
  16. Damon head shot...my absolute fave.
  17. Blur- group shot...Damon in a purple jacket.
  18. Blur from Rolling Stone...my fave group shot.
  19. Blur- small...pretty light

Damon News & Gossip

Does everyone have a copy of the June '97 Raygun magazine yet? The cover picture (of Blur, with Damon featured) is really good, and the article is good, too.

Other assorted items of interest...
Still no release date for Damon's gangster movie yet, but I'll let you know (or you can let me know...).
Blur recently played the Concert for a Free Tibet in New York. Other performers included U2, Beastie Boys, REM, Sonic Youth and Noel Gallagher. Damon said he found the performance "nerve-wracking".
Blur are currently on tour throughout the US (visit Ticketmaster for details). I'm still hoping that they will make a surprise appearance at Edgefest in Toronto on June 28th (they're free that day), but it's just wishful thinking. If anyone catches them and wants to give the rest of us a report, e-mail me.

Thanks to everyone who has e-amiled me lately...keep them coming. If I haven't got back to anyone, sorry, but my inbox exploded, so please keep in touch!

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