Upcoming Events

I am going to attempt to attend all of the ones with the date marked in Green.

The ones marked in this blue means I don't know if I'll be there as of yet.

Autumn War, September 11-13 '98 (Result Event Copy Coming Soon)

Harwood's Birthday Bash, September 18-20 '98

St. Giles Scribal Ithra (pre-register only), September 26-27 '98

Raven's Kaye Tavern Night, October 3 '98

St. Giles Feast of Stories, October 3 '98

Hartwood Greene Faire and Peasant's Revel, October 10 '98

Shire of Cragmere's Murder and Mayhem Night, October 17 '98 (I'll definatly be at this one, it's my Shire!)

Seagirt Ithra (date tentative), October 24 '98

FALL FEAST Crickstow-on-Sea, November 7th

Lionsgate Baronial Banquet, BARONIAL BANQUET Lionsgate (Vancouver, BC), October 14, '98

BARONESS' BIRTHDAY Lionsgate (Vancouver, BC), December 5th, '98

YULE Seagirt, December 12, '98