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Credo are a lively progressive rock band, best noted for gigging in and around London, but occasionally up North. We currently have one album, Field of Vision available, on CD, and are putting together a second at the moment.

Credo Ash Gig

Left to Right: Mike Varty, Jim Murdock, Mark Colton, Paul Clarke, Tim Birrel.

Photo of Credo in action supporting Wishbone Ash at the Ash Convention, Mansfield, 1996. We supported them again this year and a professional video was taken, so we will get some animations on the page as soon as we get a copy.

This web page is very much at the conceptual stage (you probably spotted this!!), and more information will be appearing soon.

Please e-mail us at if you want more information

Come back and visit soon because things will happen fast on this page - words, pictures, sounds, etc..

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