Welcome to my homepage! At the moment this page is just functioning as a link point to my other pages:

My live tape trading list. I'm a big collector of live concert tapes of The Cure, Skinny Puppy, Dead Milkmen, and tons of others, and I love to trade! If you see anything that interests you, send me your list! I can now trade videos too!

My video list. I also collect underground horror, experimental, and art films. I also trade some fansubbed anime, and am looking to enlarge my collection, so send me your lists!

My Axiom Radar page. Axiom Radar is my electronic music project. You can get information, download sound clips, and order demo tapes from this page. My second tape has just been released, you can order it for just $4! Check it out! :)

My Skinny Puppy live tape & rarities page. You can get reviews of all my tapes, links, and other cool stuff. Home of the Skinny Puppy Trader's Index!

That's it for now. Send email to pico@cid.syr.edu!

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