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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitsch: In?

To know them is to love them

Elijah Harris: vocals, guitar, other; Chris Wood: guitar; Thomas J.: bass; Wally Peterson: drums, vocal.

The sample that you're hearing is from the first track of K&B's new CD, These Modern Nights, available from Rockingchair Records. This is what some of the local Memphis music media (who know their local talent) have to say:

"The group's superbly played and sung album is a pristine catalog of rock romanticism that, like a Truman Capote novel, crafts the well-placed tear (and, in the case of Kitchens & Bathrooms, the well-placed hook)."

--Bill Ellis, Memphis Commercial Appeal.

"The guitars are wonderful andrampant, swarming throughout the cuts, playing melodies and counter-melodies, swirling through choruses and jump-starting the tracks. Think Gin Blossoms, but with more adventurous chord changes."

--Lisa Lumb, Memphis Flyer

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est. 1994

1998 Cato the Manservant

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