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August 2000

Memons & ECommerce

Memons have reached a new landmark in E-Commerce. They are abreast with world in utilizing the modern technology of Internet and all the scope that it provides.

Email communication, being the most common and widely used tool on the internet, is so widely and adequately used that, at times, it is no longer appears as a part of Internet Technology. Email has acquired an identity and personality of its own.

All major Memon companies and organizations have been quick to setup their own websites and opened a window to the world.

But still E-commerce, among Memons, is mostly limited to informing and communicating. Online selling and monetary transactions are in the rudimentary form.

Help Create Awareness of Memon Websites

Publish the URLs of All Memon Websites on the Internet in Magazines and Newspapers, in your part of the world.

Email the Web Addresses to your friends.

Visit these sites more often.

Post messages and encourage others to interact.

All Memon Websites are ONE in their intent and purpose - they are all MEMON WEBSITES. They need you. BE THERE.

Yahoo! GeoCities Goes Global

Yahoo just launched brand new Yahoo! GeoCities in India, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and UK & Ireland. Now you can create, edit, and modify your web pages in a country-specific version. You'll also find your favorite GeoCities tools: the File Manager, PageWizards, basic and advanced HTML editors.

Memon Websites

A lot of money, time and energy has been spent by enthusiastic individuals and welfare organizations to establish useful Memon Websites.

Unfortunately, one criteria by which Websites are judged is the traffic it generates. In spite of the enormous amounts spent on promoting and publizing the Memon Websites, it is unfortunate that visitors to Memon sites come once or twice and then do not appear there ever again. The task of creating a "We Feeling" and a sense of communal attachment and responsibility seems immense and, at times, impossible.

Interactivity is a must for any community to thrive on the Internet.

The Internet offers an immense scope for Memons to flourish as a Communal Whole. We see and hear of such examples, of other communities, every day and every time we browse the net.

I hope that the day is not far when this little thought will be a reality.

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When to Use a Logo in a Web Banner

While displaying your logo may be essential for print and related media promotions, the question of whether to display logos on banner ads deserves a second look.

People react differently to ads on the Web than they do to ads in other media. A logo in a banner usually screams "advertisement" to the audience, and Web pages are already oversaturated with banner ads. Visitors usually don't want to see ads when they come to a Web site. They are expecting to find information or entertainment.

One of the most ineffective banners is one that contains a logo and a company slogan. How does that banner ad benefit your audience? What reason does the viewer have to click on it? None! You've just said in your banner, "Look how good I am," rather than, "Look what good I can do for you."

Extract from an article by Shari Thurow, guest expert, Hypermart

Shari Thurow has designed and successfully marketed Web sites for over five years through Grantastic Designs.

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