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revised 25 July 2005 

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200: Strathdonpartial

13    Jane Watson Married to Alexander Watson, Innkeeper & forester, previously widow of William McKenzie, Distiller
1876 May Twentythird 8h 30 m P.M. Ballachylach
Deskryside Strathdon
Female: 67 years
father: Alexander Warrack, Farmer (deceased)
mother Isabella Warrack M.S. Glennie (deceased)
cause: Influenza 14 days as Certified by W. Coutts L.R.C.P. &c
informant: Isabella Watson, Daughter (present)
1876 May 30th at Strathdon, James Wattie, Registrar
Monumental Inscription, Strathdon Stone #310
In memory of John Warrack farmer Invernochty d. there 24 Feb. 1879 at 75
his brother James died Ballochoillach 15 Sep. 1877 at 70
his sister Jane died there 23 May 1876 at 67
his sister Isabella died Newton, Towie 6 May 1885 at 84.

-- record courtesy of Holly

29     Alexander Grassick, farmer (married to Margaret Glennie)
1876 December between 6h 30m p.m. of the 9th and 10h 30m a.m. of the 10th. Parkvilla Strathdon
M: 51 years
parents: James Grassick, farmer (deceased) and Jane Grassick (ms Forbes) (deceased)
cause: [blank]
informant: James Grassick, son
1876 Dec 11th at Strathdon, James Wattie, registrar

on reverse:
[page 27] Register of corrected entries for the district of Strathdon in the County of Aberdeen
The following Report of result of a Precognition has been received touching the Death of Alexander Grassick, registered under No. 29 in the Register Book of Deaths for the year 1876
Name, Age and Sex: Alexander Grassick, 50 years, male
When and Where Died: Between 6h 30m p.m. on the 9th Decemr. And 10.30 a.m. of the 10th Decemr. 1876. In the County of Aberdeen, Parish of Strathdon, in a ditch at the side of the road near Parkvilla there.
Cause of Death: (Drowning) As Certified by Drs R.M. Yule and W. Coutts, Strathdon, who made Post Mortem examination of Body.
Aberdeen 18th January 1877. Certified by Al. Simpson Jr. Procurator Fiscal. January 20th at Strathdon, James Wattie, Regr.

200: Glenbucketcomplete

1   Jonathan Gauld, Farmer, Married to Mary Ann Brodie
1876 January Sixteenth 9h 0m AM Crofts, Glenbucket
M: 76 years
parents: William Gauld, Farmer & Helen Gauld ms Michie (both deceased)
cause: Ch. Bronchitis, many ys. As certified by R.M. Yule MB & CM Bridgend, Towie
informant: John Reid Farmer(?), Newton, Glenbucket
1876 January 23rd at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

2   Gordon Forbes (single)
1876 April twenty-fifth 11h 0m AM Belnacraig, Glenbucket
M: 3 years
parents: Gordon Forbes, Farm Servant & Jane Forbes ms Riach
cause: Unknown. No medical attendant
informant: Gordon Forbes, Father
1876 April 27th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

3   James Dow (Pauper) Formerly Shoemaker. Married to Margaret Milne
1876 June Eighth 5h 15m PM Peatfold, Glenbucket
M: 45 years
parents: Robert Dow, Crofter & Ann Dow ms Dawson
cause: Phthisis for years. As certified by R.M. Yule M.B. &c Bridgend, Towie
informant: Charles Dow, Nephew, Present
1876 July 13th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

4   Jessie Ross (single)
1876 September Eleventh 2h 0m AM Smiddyford, Glenbucket
F: 47 years
parents: Harry Ross, Blacksmith & Jannet Ross ms Beattie
cause: Cancer of Mouth, 3 months. As certified by W Coutts LRCP &c Mains, Glenbucket
informant: James Ross, brother, Present
1876 September 14th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

5   William Smith (Day Labourer) Married to Mary Simpson
1876 September Eighteenth 8h 0m AM Roadside, Glenbucket
M: 53 years
parents: William Smith, Day Labourer & Margaret Smith ms Smith
cause: Phthisis Pulmonalis. As certified by W. Coutts LRCP &c Mains, Glenbucket
informant: Alexander Smith, Brother
1876 Septr 19th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

6   Isobel Clark (Pauper) Widow of Dr John Clark [additional comment illegible]
1876 September Fifth 6(?)h 15m AM Mains, Glenbucket
M: 81 years
parents: William Spence, Crofter & Sophia Spence ms Dow (both deceased)
cause: Chr. Bronchitis for months. As certified by R.M. Yule MB &c Bridgend, Inverkindie
informant: Alexander Callam, Carpenter, Newtown, Glenbucket
1876 Septr 19th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar

7   Eliza Spence (Married to Alexander Spence, Farm Servant)
1876 December Sixth 3h 0m PM Mains, Glenbucket
F: 68 years
parents: James Bremner, Mason & Isobel Bremner ms Cuming (both deceased)
cause: Chronic Hepatic(?) Disease. As certified by W. Coutts LRCP &c Mains, Glenbucket
informant: Alexander Spence, Son, Present
1876 Decr 11th at Glenbucket. John Callam, Registrar