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deaths 1881
revised 25 July 2005 

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240: Strathdoncomplete
LDS film 119461, parishes 233-249

1  Helen Copland, Housekeeper (Domestic Servant) (single)
1881 January twenty-eighth 1h 0m AM Candacraig House Tarland
F: 55 years
parents: Daniel Copland Blacksmith (master) (deceased) & Jane Copland ms Smith (deceased)
cause: Heart Disease, years. As certified by Dr. Yule Inverkindie
informant: James Copland nephew, 53 Commerce Street Aberdeen
1881 February 3rd at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

2  Margaret Cran (married to John Cran Farmer’s Son)
1881 February twenty-first 0h 15m AM Farmtown Glenkindie Strathdon
F: 26 years
parents: James Tocher, farmer & Margaret Tocher ms Horn
cause: Embolism after childbirth, 3 days. As certified by James Reid, surgeon.
informant: John Cran, widower (present)
1881 February 22nd at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

3  Margaret Simpson, Domestic Cook (retired) (single)
1881 February twentieth 5h 5m AM Parkvilla Strathdon
F: 74 years
parents: Alexander Simpson, farmer (deceased) & Grace Simpson ms Grant (deceased)
cause: Disease of Liver and Heart, 6 months. As certified by W Coutts LRCP &c
informant: Peter McGregor, nephew (present) Tombreck Strathdon
1881 February 23rd at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

4  Alexander Simpson (single)
1881 February twenty-sixth 8h 0m AM Howmuirs Glenkindie Strathdon
M: 2 years
parents: Alexander Simpson, farmer & Mary Simpson ms Forbes
cause: Peritonitis, 7 days. As certified by R Mortimer Yule MD &c
informant: Alexr Simpson, father (present)
1881 February 28th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

5  Jane Reid (widow of James Reid, farmer)
1881 April fifth 1h 10m PM East Rhinmore Glenkindie Strathdon
F: 82 years
parents: William Dawson, farmer (deceased) & Rachel Dawson ms Glennie (deceased)
cause: Heart Disease, years; congestion of lungs 1 week. As certified by R Mortimer Yule MD
informant: Charles Dawson, cousin (present)
1881 April 6th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

6  William Williams Beattie (single)
1881 April fifth 0h 20m PM Bellabeg Strathdon
M: 3 weeks
parents: William Beattie, Mail Coach Driver & Mary Beattie ms Williams
cause: premature birth. No medical attendant.
informant: William Beattie, father
1881 April 13th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

7  Janet McIntosh (married to Alexander McIntosh, agricultural labourer)
1881 April twenty-eighth 3h 30m AM Altnakiest Corgarff Strathdon
F: 85 years
parents: John Bowman, farmer (deceased) & Jane Bowman ms Farquharson (deceased)
cause: Old age. No medical attendant.
informant: Peter Davidson, grandson, Milltown of Allargue Corgarff
1881 May 3rd at Strathdon. C (J? I?) Wattie, Assistant Registrar

8  Alexander Stuart, Road Labourer (married 1st to Catherine Ross, 2nd to Ann Coutts ms Collie)
1881 May third 8h 35m PM Dundee Deskryside Tarland
M: 53 years
parents: John Stuart (deceased) & Margaret Stuart ms McRae (deceased)
cause: (Supposed) apoplexy, 8 hours. Not certified.
informant: John Stuart, son, Drumfours Leochel-Cushnie
1881 May 6th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar
* in margin: See Regr of Cor Ent Vol 1 Page 40(?) 13th May 1881

9  Margaret Forbes (single)
1881 May twenty-seventy 8h 30m PM Parkhouse Strathdon
F: 13 years
parents: Lewis Forbes, farm servant & Ann Forbes ms Forbes
cause: Scarlet Fever, Albuminuria, Blood poisoning. As certified by C.L. Wattie MB
informant: Lewis Forbes, father (present)
1881 June 3rd at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

10  Jane Milne, domestic servant (single)
1881 July eleventh 4h 50m AM Bressachiel Tarland (usual residence Bridgend Inn Aboyne)
F: 38 years
parents: John Milne, farmer & Margaret Stewart ms Milne
cause: Vomiting 36 hours. No medical attendant.
informant: James Milne, brother
1881 July 19th at Strathdon. C (S? J?) Wattie, Assistant Registrar

11  William Coutts, Medical Practitioner LRCPS Edin. (Single)
1881 August twenty-second 3h 0m PM Heugh Head Strathdon
M: 43 years
parents: James Coutts, farmer (deceased) & Barbara Coutts ms Riach (deceased)
cause: Phthisis several years. As certified by C.L. Wattie MB
informant: James Coutts, brother (present) Sinnaboth Towie
1881 August 24th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

12  Alexander Wilson (single) Illegitimate
1881 October second 8h 0m AM Tulloch Strathdon
M: 3 months
parents: George Wilson, Farm Servant & Jane Anderson, Domestic Servant
cause: Diarrhoea 10 days, Inamitior(?). As certified by C.L. Wattie MB
informant: Jane Anderson, mother Upperhillock Auchindoir
1881 October 3rd at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

13  Mary Stewart (married to Alexander Stewart crofter)
1881 October twenty-first 1h 25m AM Parkstyle Deskry Side Strathdon
F: 74 years
parents: Charles Coutts, farmer (deceased) & Mary Coutts ms Cattanach (deceased)
cause: Prolapsus uteri, years. No medical attendant
informant: Alexr Stewart, widower (present)
1881 October 24th at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

14  Alexander McBean, farmer (married to Elizabeth Stewart)
1881 October twenty-eighth 7h 0m PM Tomanchapel Strathdon
M: 70 years
parents: Donald McBean, farmer (deceased) & Mary McBean ms McIntosh (deceased)
cause: Kidney disease, years. No medical attendant
informant: A. McBean, son, Cartsdyke Station Greenock
1881 November 1st at Strathdon. James Wattie, Registrar

168a: Old Macharpartial

Lewis Grassie, pedlar (married to Ann Mitchell)
1881 May 12th 11hr pm Royal Lunatic Asylum Aberdeen
Male 51 years
Harry Grassie, Road contractor (deceased) and Janet Grassie m.s. Glass
Cause: General Paralysis 1 month as cert by William Reid MB & CM
Informant: ?? Savage, House Stewar Royal L Asylum
Registered 1881 May 13th at Aberdeen, James Valentine Registrar
--  record courtesy of Sharon Jamesson

246: Tullynesslepartial

10  John Allanach, pauper (formerly farm servant) married to Mary Forbes Allanach
1881 August fifteenth 2ho PM Millhochie Tullynessle
M: 81 years
parents: William Allanach, gardener & Isabella Allanach ms Grassick (both deceased)
cause: Chronic bronchitis. As certified by James Simpson MD
informant: Mary Forbes Allanach her X mark, widow. Jas McC Pithe Registrar, witness
1881 August 22nd at Tullynessle. Jas McC Pithie, Registrar

247: Turriffpartial

26   James McHardy carpenter, widower of Helen Grant
1881 June fifth 3h 0m PM 17 Crichton Road Turiff
M: 41 years
parents: James McHardy house carpenter & Margaret McHardy ms McRobert
cause: Phthisis 3 months.  As certified by Joseph Watt MB & CM
informant: James McHardy, father (present)
1881 June 7th at Turiff.  William Ingram, Registrar

44   Helen Grassie widow of Peter Grassie Wool Manufacturer
1881 November eleventh 11h 0m PM Mill of Plaidy Turiff
F: 89 years
parents: John Ririe, farmer (deceased) & Helen Ririe ms Simpson (deceased)
cause: Bronchitis 4 days.  As certified by And. Wallace MD
informant: John Grassie, son (present)
1881 November 14th at Turiff.  William Ingram, Registrar