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Behold, a pale horse....and death sat upon it...

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          Welcome earthlings to the only place that matters in this pathetically pathetic world.....This is the TEMPLE OF KUNZITE & ZOISITE, otherwise known as Malachite & Zoycite, if you prefer. I've included some stuff on Neffy too (otherwise known as Nephlite/Nephrite) Oh, yes, and i'd like to clarify to you all that throughout all my pages, Zoycite is a HE. 'Cos in the original Japanese version, Zoi's male. 'Tis soooo sad that some pple like him just because "she's the only female bad guy". *Roll eyes*

        And here's an ultra-short guide to the 3 of 'em:

I've also gotta WEB-COUNTER: lurvely pple have seen this lurvly little page since 3 MAY, 1997.

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This site is about done. Don't worry though, i'd add updates in future!!=)..

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