Swiss-Miz Recommends
Gnome Gnation Gastro-Gnome-ical Delights
Look for our ambassadors wearing pointed red hats!

Hankering for a Handy Gnome-Cooked Meal?
Choose from our multi-national selection of hand-rolled wraps and pizza
soon to be available at Ilwaco Washington Saturday Market
Try our Mouth-Watering*
Handrolled Wraps
Enrique's Enchilada             
Charro's Chipotle Chalupa
Thai Wan On Wrapper           
Terri Yaki's Grilled Chicken
Suzi-Wong's So-Right Sarong         
Quigley's Cheesy Quesedilla
Swiss-Miz's Freudian Slip             
O'Kenna's Outa-Kilter                       

* Have-Mercy-Eye-Watering  can happen
too, but only if you're really asking for it!
Bavarian Pizza

a delicate dark bread crust topped with sauerkraut, sliced polish kielbasa, 
dolloped with spicy brown deli mustard,
frosted with grated Muenster cheese
AUCH! Das ist sehr gut!

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