Moon synergy
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It is the mission of Synergy to facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of coveners in the Alexandrian tradition, so that Initiates will be well-grounded in the magickal arts, the religious/historical tradition, the Alexandrian community and their own personal devotions. Individual qualities of respect, integrity, compassion, responsibility and service are valued and encouraged to develop throughout our degree process. We expect that some members will form an ongoing core coven focused on devotional work, spiritual development, and training others. Others will receive their training, and will then leave to establish covens of their own, participate in the wider Pagan community, or join in Outer Court activities.


Synergy adheres to the Wiccan Rede, the Threefold Law and to the standards of the Alexandrian community. We do not charge money for teaching or ritual. We are mindful of the power differential between Elders and students and so do not allow inappropriate personal, material or sexual exchanges within the context of coven relationships. Exploitative or abusive relationships of any kind are not tolerated.


Synergy is a hierarchical coven led by the High Priestess and High Priest, which uses the levels of Pre-Dedicant, Dedicant, First, Second, and Third Degrees. A collaborative process of planning and decision making is encouraged. However, at times the coven leaders may have to make executive decisions in order to ensure the smooth operation and continued progress towards the goals of the coven. No member will be required to do any activity in which he or she is unwilling to participate. The High Priestess is the final arbiter of any disputes which cannot otherwise be resolved. In the following material, HPS refers to High Priestess, HP to High Priest and HP/S refers to the High Priestess and/or High Priest, in their capacities as coven leaders. Coven activities generally take place at the home of the HP/S or at other designated locations.


Members of Synergy are expected to attend coven meetings regularly, except in the case of emergency or unavoidable conflicts. Rituals are scheduled well in advance so that coveners may arrange their commitments accordingly. We will meet a minimum of twice a month for Esbats, three times if a Sabbat festival falls in the month. We may also hold one or two other meetings for classes or social activities. Members make a commitment to attendance based on their level of membership. Synergy holds an all-night Yule ritual in which Inner Court are expected to participate; others, as desired by the HP/S may attend. Rituals are generally held on the actual date of the festival or moon, but with two exceptions dates can be adjusted at the timely request and agreement of coven members. Samhain and Yule will always be held on the actual dates. Coven members are expected to take responsibility for leaving the covenstead in order at the conclusion of all coven activities.

Elder members of the coven commit to involvement in the training and support of Dedicants and more junior members. In addition to providing ritual leadership and training, elders teach classes and may take on a portion of a studentís training on an individual basis. The HP/S may also ask other members of the extended community to offer classes on areas in which they are especially knowledgeable.