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Synergy exists as a training and devotional coven in the Alexandrian tradition. Training begins at the Pre- Dedicant level. The minimum period typically required to work through to the Third Degree is three years; it is usually longer. Dedicants are assigned a mentor through the Second Degree, who may be the HP/S or another post-second degree initiate. Not all Dedicants will be offered initiation; not all Initiates will progress to the Third Degree. The HPS may decide to conclude the training of any member at any time, should she decide that the fit is not right between the member and Synergy. In the absence of ethical concerns about the member, the HP/S would make every effort to assist the covener in finding appropriate training.

Coveners are expected to take responsibility for their own personal, magickal, and spiritual development. The syllabus makes clear what material should be mastered at each level of training. The mentor will be closely involved with training to offer guidance and support. The role of coven elders is to facilitate and to provide guidance and teaching, but the motivation, energy and direction must come from the covener.

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