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A Refreshing Look at Software Development

Object Oriented Programming Oversold! - OOP Criticism
Table Oriented Programming - an alternative or enhancement to OOP
SQL Criticism
Stupid Web Patents - why are people tolerating this nonsense?
Prisoner of Hype - why I.T. fad cycles and snake oil dominate decision making
IT Labor Shortage Fraud - the alleged technical labor shortage is actually a political battle over labor costs and training costs.
XBase Appreciation - long live good ideas!
"L" Scripting Language Proposal - an attempt to satisfy multiple paradigms using simple constructs
Scripting Language Options - a list of decisions to make when building the next programming language.
XML GUI Protocol - "Server Controlled GUI" (SCGUI) - A language-independent GUI protocol. Latency-friendly, easy-to-learn replacement for X-Windows. HTML forms have reached their end.
A FoxPro Music Sequencer - a hobby project
IT Humor and comics
Intelligent Design Compromise - ID may be weak science, but can still be science.

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