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TANGASSERI - A LEGACY TO TREASURE 500 years have gone by since Tangasseri came to be.  Roots have spread far and near one touched down in Bangalore. The Tangy-Bangy Club was started a year ago and today we are ONE.  We have gathered together to celebrate our first anniversary.  We are yet embryonic but what is important is that we intend to grow.  The nostalgic moment we shard at the turn of the century when we celebrated 'Tangy 2000', 500 years of Tangasseri, has become our inspiration and guiding light, leading us onward. On this day, November 04 2000, as we celebrate our first anniversary, each one of us pledge to let Tangasseri, its rich traditions of customs, culture and beliefs, live on in and through us, from generation to generation.  It is our heritage and we will ever remember our roots and what they stand for.  We promise, each in his own way, to build bridges not walls so that every action ol'ours adds meaning to our own lives and inspiration to others. A spark kindled a year ago, continues to grow: Let it glow forever. Let the spirit of our glorious past, Live on into the future; Beckoning us Tangasserians To unite and grow, Each in his own way. ONE year today! Lets now help make memories, Forge them into links, Made stronger with each passing year, Memories that we'll treasure thru the years. And in our hearts hold: Tangy-Bangy Club, A link of gold In an ever-widening chain. A Legacy and not to be forgotten Hurray!  To our roots, TANGASSERI.
The President, Kenny Frank making his address
Some more fun

Opening with the Mass at St. Vincents, Celebrant Fr. Paul.
Some of the party crowd at the Anniversary

Some more photos of the 1st Anniversary:

Introduction  at Service  & Mass

I welcome each one of you this evening and thank you for making it convenient to attend this service.

We are gathered here this evening  (Nov. 4, 2000) on the First Anniversary of our TANGY-BANGY CLUB to praise and thank God for all the blessings HE has showered on each one of us and our families during the past year and to plead with Him to continue to bless and guide all our undertakings,  in the year ahead. We also thank God and appeal to all our members to continue their support, so that we participate in greater numbers in celebrating the Eucharist once again next year. May HE be the honoured and unseen guest in our midst in our celebrations this evening.

We wish to specially thank Fr. Paul, who so willingly agreed to celebrate this thanksgiving service for us, inspite of his very busy schedule.

The Presidents Speech:

First Anniversary
November 4, 2000

  President's Welcome Address

A warm welcome to one and all, specially our guests for the evening. I should thank you for making it convenient to attend and grace the celebration of the First Anniversary of
TANGY-BANGY CLUB.  It gives me great pleasure to see so many smiling faces and I extend a BIG WELCOME once again to all of you.

It is but  right  that I tell you how we started this Tangy-Bangy Club. Last year, one fine
Day,  on a pleasant  evening , a few of us  namely Kern & Rochelle, Bernard & Colleen, Goddy and Lucy and of course myself and my wife Audrey;  had a chit-chat and we came up with the idea of starting a TANGY-BANGY get-together and then it was unanimously decided to start the club and it was christened  "TANGY-BANGY".

We met on the fisrt Saturday of the month  last November 1999 and since then we added on a couple of families and of course a few youth.  Thereafter the  routine continued  First Saturday of  every month , by rotation at each members home,  with dinner, a dish a family  like mouth watering delacacies, stewe, ball curry, fish curry etc. As  Colleen said, we started the evening with a small prayer, then on to games, fun,  dance and dinner.

We have now  9 families and we plan to move on and expand threefold by the next year, with the co-operation of each one of you. I, therefore  welcome each one of you to join the Club and let us put our heads together to help people in need of  any help,  and of course,  to the extent within our reach.

The evening started off  with service at the Church, in  thanksgiving for having successfully completed one year of our club.  I hope the new year will grow in all directions. We have plans,  but we need the continued support from our members to see these plans materialise. Once again I welcome you to join us and make Bangy a Tangy.
A pleasant surprise,  I received this auspicious day when Frankfurt Fernandez from Chennai (commonly known as "Frankie", husband of late Grace Fernandez) telephoned to wish our First Anniversary a
Big Success.

 I  would  like  to  specially   thank  all members   present  here  for  their  wholehearted
 co-operation in setting up this small enclosure,  next to my home. Our sincere thanks to Uncle Paul's son ,  who is the owner of this plot,  for giving us this space.

I conclude by saying  "Enjoy and have fun and make this evening a day to remember"
So thanks and "HAVE FUN"

Kenny Frank, President

Entertainment for the evening:

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