Xena: aka Lucy Lawless
This lady at 5"10" and
180lbs is no pushover.
She has honed her
battle skills over the
years to a razor's edge.
She possesses the
strength of 10 men and
the endurance of a
racehorse and the
quickness and agility
of an Olympic gymnast.
She has an extinsive
background in various
weapons including the
whip and the sword and an
item we call the chakram.
She has held her own
against such opponents
as Hercules, Ares
and Callisto.

Chyna:aka Joanie Lee
This lady
has come a long way in
the last 10 years or so.
Through weight training
and the use of steroids
she has become one of
the most dominant forces
in the world of
Professional wrestling.
At 5'9" and 200lbs
she is one of the largest
and strongest of this
foursome. She has used
her massive strength
and surprisingly
sound basic wrestling
to take on male opponents
in and outside of the
squared circle. She
relies heavily of her
strength and size to
intimidate her
opponents and therefore
may be vulnerable to
a smaller quicker
opponent who is
durable and not
intimidated by her size.

Wonder Woman:
aka Lynda Carter
Perhaps next to Xena
the most experienced and
resourceful fighter in
the group. She was born
and raised on Paradise
Island over 2000 years ago.
On this island the women
(who are the original amazons)
are taught how to
fight as well as math,
science and many
other aspects of
higher learning.
Do not be fooled by
her slender frame
and beautiful face she
has fought everyone
and everything from
Nazis in WW2 to alien
invaders.She is immortal
and that gives an edge
that our other mortal
participants do not
have. Wonder Woman
is 5 "7" and 140lbs.
She is strong, quick and
throws a mean magic
lasso she is also endowed
with the powers of the
greek gods and godesses.
A very tough opponent
for any amazon.

Red Sonja: aka
Angelica Bridges
This red head truely
lives up to all of
the stereo types.
She is hot tempered
and can be capable
of incredible passion.
She was trained
in the arts of war
by an order of
Hyborian warrior-priest
she eventually
surpassed her
teachers. When she
reached this stage
she was asked to
leave the order.
She went out in
search of the people
responsible for the
destruction of her
family. Along the
way she has fought
against and on
the side of Conan
the Barbarian
himself. She is
one of the few
people who has
held her own with
him. Sonja also
has fought wizards,
monsters, witches and
demons. She is a
1st class ass
kicking warrioress.
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