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NEW! DIAX Soft Phone version 0.9.15a 


What's new in 0.9.15a comparing with 0.9.10f:


- GSM/PSTN Gateway functionality;

- starts with XP Styles even the first time;

- can connect to the asterisk server to a different port than 4569;

- you can place a call on hold with Asterisk based MOH;

- can use '-' as a separator in the phone number in phonebook;

- iaxclient library update (March 17);


Solved bugs: 

- wrong callerid displayed when direct dialing a number;

- cannot use server IP address in Windows 98;

- send URL function does not work;

- Send the default CallerID instead of the configured one;

- crash when going to the registration form in French language;

- corrupted main form position if closing the app when minimized;

- exiting application during a call does not close that call first;

- cannot call using diax://number/alias when diax is already open;

- ringin.mid file not extracted at first run from the exe file;
- wrong default CallerID info (diax version as name and date as number).

- see online help file for full details.


To see the whole application history click here



Available in 13 languages: English, Romanian, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Thai , Swedish, Lithuanian and Polish  !!!

Use DIAX as a remote GSM/PSTN Gateway for an Asterisk server !


Use any phone to control your X10 devices around the home,

and/or to run applications using DTMF tones and/or based on CallerID!


NEW! Web TV Tune v0.1.0

- small CGI script to remotely control the TV Tuner channel settings using a web browser;

- easy configurable for any TV tuner with DirectShow support;

- select TV channel by name;

- very good integration with Unreal Media Server.

InfraX Remote Manager v1.7.0 - define Bluetooth and infrared events to control any home device (X10, infrared, PC based);
- automatically connect to any Bluetooth enabled Ericsson phone(T39/R520/T68, etc.);
- use Bluetooth to command until 10 different devices from the same GSM phone;
- use the GSM phone as a bi-directional Winamp Remote;
- control your home from everywhere in the world using any WEB browser or even your phone WAP browser;

What's new in v1.7.0:

- you can now select up to 10 different devices from a Bluetooth enabled phone (with a 'SHIFT' key), using friendly names (more than 120 different commands from a single GSM phone keyboard!);
- you can now import and export X10 devices, applications definition and monitored events too;
- the application  can be minimized in tray (still access to Start/Stop/Restart monitoring and Exit functions;
- play MP3 and WAV files inside application (useful for vocal feedback messages);
- mouse as output plugin (ex: use a Bluetooth  enabled phone or an infrared remote to control a Powerpoint presentation);
- Housekeeping function - automatically delete orphaned events;
- new, optimized CGI scripts, now with both WEB and WAP support (2 different scripts). You can now control your home from everywhere in the world using a WAP enabled mobile phone;
- for many more - see online HELP file for details.

Serial port communication analyzer v1.0.0
Analyze serial protocol for the Home Automation devices you have

What's new in version 1.0.0:

- arrows keys (Up and Down) can be used to browse through commands history;
- GSM Data Mode : used for test communication with GSM data enabled phones, by Bluetooth, cable or IrDA;
- Transparent mode with 2 COM ports (to monitor serial communication between a host and a serial device;
- RESET function for the CM11/CM12 X10 interface;
- extended interface functionality.



Infrared plugins v1.3 for AutoM8it

(no more updated)

To be continued...

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