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A guide to learning prayer in Islam




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s salaamu `alaikum, learn to pray with this salaat guide written in English that has been made to teach the Muslim prayer in a true and basic form. The salat guide is a downloadable Word document which is easy to print (hence black and white A4) and teaches salaat prayer in an easy to understand way.

  • Intended for printing - You would have found this namaz guide through the vastness of the Internet, therefore you will note most if not all other available guides are only viewable on the Internet, causing much impracticality.
  • Aimed for the youth - This namaz guide assumes little Islamic knowledge therefore it is ideal for a young Muslim or someone who has just embraced Islam.
  • Highly illustrated - This salaat guide is highly illustrated, illustrations are used frequently throughout, from attractive aesthetic images to diagrams explaining the details of prayer and wudhu (for example).
  • Comprehensive - Not only covering the acts of Salaat; simple Surahs, the Five Pillars, Iman, the concept of deeds, shirk etc. are all touched upon furthermore.



The visual overview hopes to show you the salaat guide's layout and general aim. Only several of the salaat guide's pages are shown here in no particular order.

salaat guide illustrated



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Suggestions or comments about this salaat guide? -
If you have any comments or suggestions about the namaz guide please feel free to contact Ahmed at our e-mail address, all ideas are welcome.

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last updated May 2004