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***I am currently on haitus from teaching to be at home with my two little ones. Therefore, I will not be doing regular updates to this page anymore. The page will remain as a public service, so feel free to post on the bulletin board. If you find great links or other info you'd like to see on this page, please post it on the bulletin board. Thanks for your understanding!***

Hi, I'm Jessica. Welcome to my improved web site for teachers and students. I have recently received my B.S. in History Teaching (secondary education certification) and hope to provide an informative and useful resource especially for history teachers, but also for homeschoolers and students. This site began as an extension of my education classes, as I was searching for sources for lesson plan ideas. The format is the same as my old site, a gathering of links where you can find information relating to history and social science that can be applied in the classroom (only here each area has its own page). As the site grows, I plan to post more of my own lesson plans and ideas, as well as posting the ideas of others who choose to submit them. Previously I received MANY questions and requests for research that I was unable to answer on my own, but hopefully the Community Bulletin Board will be able to serve as a question and answer area for those looking for ideas and suggestions for their classes. Any comments and suggestions for this site are greatly appreciated -- either email me or leave a note on the bulletin board. Thanks & I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for!

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