hey hey, welcome to my site. take a look around, sign the guestbook and leave me some ideas on what you wanna see. this site is dedicated out to everyone i know. enjoy!

if you look close enough you'll see a gummie worm in the bottle of gin. all party all weekend.

mar 14/15th

posted a new rant...haven't been here in a while cuz i've been busy working, hanging out and working on my myspace.com site...later!

jan 23rd

scavenger hunt(MORE TO COME ON THIS)

nov 15th

...no really...i finally wrote something else...

aug 14th


aug 13th

i haven't written much in a while because i've moved and such...there's a new rant up. check it out.

july 12th

new background slowly going up

june 28th

new rant...very short...new background coming soon

june 18th

john and mary...if you don't understand, ask. if you do understand, laugh...but don't let hank know or he'll beat the shit out of you...

July 1st

Happy fucking birthday to the best nation on earth

june 11th

new rant...fixed the pics page...did some more things on and off as the day went on

may 27th

updated the pics...the shouts...might continue working but at least i'm lettin ya know i got a start to shit

may 5th

so it's been a while...i meant to work on it in april but i just didn't do it...i'm sorry...can someone come visit my page already? i think all those hits are from my rando visits to check and see if everything is alright on my site...anyway, 3 new rants/stories posted and one or two more coming...oh and check me out here http://www.myspace.com/10031399 if you're bored. i'm not linking it here cuz it's already linked down bottom. later...

march 15th

uploaded some pics and the rearranged some old ones...they're all thumbnails now and should continue that way

march 14th

posted another little thing updated some stuff be back tomorrow to upload some pics but they won't be set for a while yet. got two pages to work on now.

feb 26th

posted a journal...and cut my toenails...nursed a hangover and drank...

feb 15th

updating something i might add later...still haven't added nothin new tonight...wait for the weekend

feb 6th

webcam set up

feb 5th

weekend in freddy...more release on the band to come...couple rants started but got drinking and ran outta time before had to go meet friends...realized imadork...

jan 15th

back again...news release with the new rants in the stories and stuff link

Jan 14th

i told you! i was gonna try to keep this thing up to date a bit more often and i'm doing it. it took me a couple weeks to recover from new year's (just kidding) but i've managed to write a rant and might even add a journal piece so y'all know what's goin on

my icq # is 10396369. send me a message

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See me live on my webcam.

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