Team Black Static
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Captain- Philip
WDP Fly Angel-Fully hooked
Intimidator 2002 Classic- fully hooked up
Autococker- Fully Hooked Up
Spyder TL- Basic
Air Source:Nitro- 68ci 45k, 68ci 3k, 88ci 45k,
CO2-2 24oz, 2 20oz, 3 12oz

Co-Captain: Bryan
GX-4- Ans cocker with all ans parts
Bushmaster 2002- Fully Hooked
Spyder Flash- almost fully hooked
Boss Raider- Basic except for Revvie and Freak Set
Air Source: Nitro- 68ci 3k, 88ci 45k

Co-Captain: Paul (Phil's younger bro)
Ulitimate Vision Impulse- fully hooked
Spyder TL- Fully Hooked
Air Source:Nitro-68ci 45k, 68ci 3k, 88ci 45k,
CO2-2 24oz, 2 20oz, 3 12oz
Our Faviorite Gun None the Less then the infamous Autococker
My Favorite Links:
County Paintball
888 Paintball
Kingman USA
Worr Games
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Black Static
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I am working on pages of multiple guns and the best description of their features and how they perform. If there is anything not yet on the site or something that you would like to know more about email us at the address at the bottom right.
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Tippmann 98 and A-5 page
Hey, i figured that i might add a site info section. I am still working on more pages, and the tippmann page is finally complete. I hope to have the mag page up soon but wtih school coming up and other occupations it might be a little while longer. I will be updating the rest of the site that has already been done in the past.
There has been no real changes on the site in a while, but in the market there have been many changes. There are many timmies out there now in the market running at a nice price for both the midgrade player and tourney level players out there. The species and the alias are both very nice guns and are at a tourney level, as well the  a-bomb timmy. My favorite of the timmies has to be the naughty dogs timmy and the dark timmy. Very fast and very reliable.Also the new style rippers are nice and very fast along with the Russian Legion. For the midgrade player there are the z series and the gz timmy as well the 2002 timmies. All the timmies if well taken will last no matter how hard you play. I also suggest for anyone in the $800 range there are the Indian Creek freestyles, you can now get the Naughty Dawgs board which will greatly improve the speed. As the market and technology changes there are many new changes in the paintball world. There are the DM5's which are the second version of the DM4's, there are also the ANGEL 05 speeds and the A4 fly's which are very very fast. All of these high end guns mentioned are excellent guns to own and shoot. For all the beginners and newcomers to the sport, there are the tippmann A-5 and the spyder's. They are  both good guns. The tippmann A-5's are extremely good beginner guns, they are fast and have the cyclone feed which is a very fast feed system that forces balls into the breech. A-5 are in my opinion the better of the beginner guns to go with if your not wanting to do high maintenence. Though if you want to learn how to get technical with your gun the spyders are more of a maintenence required gun that is a good start to learning technical skills. I will be updating this part of the site as much as i possibly can.
JT usa
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