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Milton -Egged at, spermanator, skateboarding off roofs, wiping out in public, head bashing, boxing

Danny -Brownie sale, threw eggs, camera boy

Matt -Streaking, wiping out in public, old man walk

Blair -Skateboarding off roof, letting us beat him up

Chad -Streaking, orgasmo man, egging, wiping out in public, boxing

Brad -Kicking in nuts, head bashing, rollerblading off roof

Tyler -Letting US kick his nuts! Him only having a cup and boxing glove to protect himself!

Guests:Brandon,Evan ________________________________________________________________________________

Milton -shopping cart, chucked at, headbashing, rolling down hill in garbage can, the altimate magic trick, rolling down stairs in box, drop kicking people, and prank phone calls.

Matt -head bashing, nok nok ginger, getting chucked at, prank phone calls, and drop kicking people.

Danny -camera boy, pushing milton into curb, nock nock ginger, chubby bunny, putting shit on nicoles door step, getting drop kicked.

Eric -nock nock ginger, rolling down hill in garbage can,

Guests: Chad, Blair _______________________________________________________________________________

Milton -Gang Bang Power(Fork-Man), Egg War, Knight's Tale, Wacky Ape, Where's Waldo?, Trashing Zellers

Matt -Gang Bang Power(ChopSticks-Man), Egg War, Knight's Tale, Wacky Ape,Trashing Zellers

Steve -Gang Bang Power(Banana Boner-Man) Tree-Man, Getting shot by paintball gun, Knight's Tale, The NERD Act, Wacky Ape

Nick -Gang Bang Power (Pinp-Pong Penis) Egg War, Wacky Ape

Nathan -Getting shot by paintball gun, Wacky Ape, Knight's Tale

Cody -Wacky Ape, Getting egged at, getting shot at by tennis balls/pucks, The NERD Act

Guests: Corissa, Tyler, CJ, Caitlyn _______________________________________________________________________________

4th still working on, not completed yet.

Milton -That 70's Show, Wrapped in foam dragged behind quad, Bryan Fellows, Sledding behing quad into huge lake, summertime skiing

Matt -That 70's Show

Steve -That 70's Show, skiing in -40, skiing off roof in boxers, summertime skiing

Chad -That 70's Show, summertime skiing, chucking snowballs at bull

Mario -That 70's Show, the Porno Man, taking a shit and lighting it on fire

Guests: None _______________________________________________________________________________

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