Who We Are:
We are a group of athletes in Regina, Saskatchewan who workout regularly together, share information, and try to assist each other in achieving athletic goals. The focus is on sprint to Olympic distance training. Level of experience ranges from those who will never race who just want to work out, kids of steel athletes, those who will do their first tri this year, to the very experienced.

We used to just have an email list but rather than cluttering in-boxes with unwanted e-mail, we have a web page. On Mondays,  this page will be updated with days and times to meet. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who is interested.

Big News!
We have a youth wing....with a respectable sounding name and a logo without the martini glass. The JGF webwage is

We are on hiatus until the fall. We will return with a brand new training location and webpage!

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Due to the overwhelming response to Team JFT over the last 6 years, the secretive and  shadowy JFT executive has determined that this could be a real opportunity to make some serious coin. Membership to this elite and highly disciplined group of chronic over-achievers is yours for the grossly inflated price of $0 per year.

Contact Us:
teamjft@yahoo.ca or tri_it_regina@yahoo.ca

The Liability Stuff:
We are sanction by STAC. You must be a member or Brian "the Breeze" will have his ass sued back to the stone age.

Bike Box:
One of the many, many benefits of membership to JFT is access to the club bike box (for travel). To use it, you must adhere to the following conditions:

1. Be a paid up member. ie: have a pulse
2. The Webmaster must actually know who you are.
3. You break it or lose it, you replace it.

Failure to comply with these conditions means that your name and your crime against the bike box will be dispayed here for eternity. See below:

Name                                                                  Crime Against  the Bike Box
Brian "the Breeze" Torgunrud                           Lost the locks
Former Drummer for Foghat, Al Barry             Took his sweet ass time returning it.

The Bike Box is booked on the following dates in 2009:
May 1-10
June 13-14
July 3-14