Ontario Elementary Curriculum Links
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The Arts Social Studies (1-6) Language Arts
Core French Geography (7-8) Mathematics
Science and Technology
History (7-8)
Health & Physical Education

Science and Technology
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Life Systems
Matter and Materials Energy and Control Structures & Mechanisms Earth & Space Systems
Grade 1
Characteristics and Needs of Living Things
Characteristics of Objects and Properties of Matter
Energy in Our Lives
Everyday Structures
Daily and Seasonal Cycles
Grade 2
Growth and Changes in Animals
Properties of Liquids and Solids
Energy From Wind and Moving Water
Air and Water in the Environment
Grade 3
Growth and Changes in Plants
Magnetic and Charged Materials
Forces and Movement
Soils in the Environment
Grade 4
Habitats and Communities
Materials that Transmit, Reflect, or Absorb Light or Sound
Light and Sound Energy
Pulleys and Gears
Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion
Grade 5
Human Organ Systems
Properties of and Changes in Matter
Conservation of Energy
Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms
Grade 6
Diversity of Living Things
Properties of Air and Characteristics of Flight
Grade 7
Interactions Within Ecosystems
Pure Substances and Mixtures
Structural Strength and Stability
The Earth's Crust
Grade 8
Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Mechanical Efficiency
Water Systems

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