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TelevisionCity bids everyone farewell...

After many years of service to people in the Geocities community, TelevisionCity is closing its doors. Without the support of Geocities, we weren't able to keep this volunteer project alive. But rather than wallow in self-pity, let's remember the fun times, and exciting people. The site will remain as a tribute to TVCity and the CLs, and this page is a place for CLs to leave their respects. If you were a TelevisionCity Community Leader, you are encouraged to e-mail a message about TVCity to David and it will be posted here.

i was a former TVCity CL, my handle was keanu-reeves. i miss being a CL a lot, but things just wouldn't work without Geocities' support. I miss being with you guys so much. Good luck to everyone of you! - keanu-reeves

There are so many people to thank. First and foremost, Sereneta, who was my CL mentor; Lookseee, who lead us for many years; and Lawcodename, who was here with me almost the entire time. Also Geodiva, Classic, Cousin_Itt and too many other great people to mention! I had a great time helping out with Geocities, and I'll really miss it. Best of luck to all the people I met while I was here! - David (couchmonkey/crimemonkey)

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