I may seem weird but some of my favorite hobbies include some television programming that I grew up watching.  I enjoy watching professional wrestling, as it is obvious with some of my projects on this website.  Most people will say that wrestling is fake, in some points it is, but most of the injuries that these superstars gain are close to life threatening.  To me, wrestling is entertaining.  It's something that I can watch and enjoy talking about to other fellow wrestling watchers.  Another love I have is game shows, especially Family Feud and The Price Is Right.  These shows have been favorites for years, even with the older version of TPiR with Bill Cullen.  I enjoyed watching Richard Dawson kissing all the ladies for good luck as well as Ray Combs little jokes during the rounds.  I do not like the current version of the Feud basically because the set is just a joke.  Everyone remembers the original and second sets of Family Feud.  Those were the best sets and all the other versions after Ray Combs' version should have kept that style.  Sure the one year version with the return of Richard Dawson was cool, but was WAY ahead of it's time!    I also enjoy watching old clips of Johnny Carson.  He was (and still is) the KING OF LATE NIGHT!  Jay Leno has totally changed the outlook of the classy Tonight Show and turned it into his version of a one hour stand-up routine with guests.  The only really good host to watch is David Letterman at 11:30, after that then watch Conan O' Brien.  For some reason, Conan seems to be more of the college Johnny Carson.  That is very good seeing how he's someone that college students can relate with in comedy and funny skits.  I enjoy watching programs on Nick at Nite as well.  I've watched that network since it's beginnings when they showed Mr. Ed and Bewitched.  Now they show Roseanne and The Cosby Show.  These are shows that I watched as a little kid so it makes me happy that I can relive my childhood with these shows.  I believe they show programming from a decade every fall or something.  I'm shocked that they haven't made a deal to show "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson" on TV Land or Nick at Nite.  That would be really awesome, cause then they could put that show on at 11:30 at night so it competes with Jay Leno's Tonight Show and David Letterman's Late Show.  Maybe someone from TV Land will read this and use my idea, and if they do, I want to know about it!  Finally one of my favorite things to do is to purchase and collect DVD's.  Since I purchased my DVD player a year ago, I have enjoyed watching all kinds of movies on the player.  My collection so far is around 40 plus movies, all ranging from Fargo to my DVD Johnny Carson collection.  It's amazing how they can get a movie onto a disk and how interactive the disks can become.  In one of my classes, I had to make a DVD menu and obviously it wasn't the greatest menu, but it was fun to learn how easy it is to create.  I have more fun stuff that I do, but this is mainly a good handful of interests I have.  Maybe I'll add more in the future but who knows.