Hello!  My name is David Lightfoot.  I was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, where I attended high school at Anderson High School (the original AHS, not the watered down version that used to be Madison Heights High School).  At Anderson High, I did pretty well in classes and was very active in AHS' Drama department where I acted in "Much Ado About Nothing," "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," "Asylum," "Curtain Going Up," "Go Ask Alice," and "Bye Bye Birdie."  I was also active to AHS with the morning and afternoon announcements the last year the Original AHS was opened!  I had to be transferred to Highland High School in Anderson, Indiana for my senior year of high school.  I did participate in the ceremony at HHS, but officially I graduated as an Indian.  "ONCE AN INDIAN ALWAYS AN INDIAN!"  I have officially graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  I have had many experiences since going to Ball State, such as working at WCRD-FM radio in Muncie as well as helping out WIPB-TV in Muncie for their annual Telethon.  Other projects I have worked on are listed on this website under "TCOM PROJECTS."  Thank you very much for your time reading this mini biography.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in emailing me or sending a message through AOL Instant Messenger: BSUDude1, or Yahoo! Messenger: dwlightfoot.

Thank you,
David W. Lightfoot

  P.S. This webpage is dedicated to my dear loving mother, Linda Lightfoot. God Bless You MOM.

Linda Lightfoot 1943 - 2004.