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(formerly Chuck's Page-O-Misery and Despair)

Click on a link below to go to my sites. Unless your retarded you could have figured that out for yourself


click here to visit my wrestling page. Wrestling. Quite possibly the best thing going since Blossom was cancelled


click here to visit my bands site featuring The Violent Femmes, Janes Addiction, The Pixies and so much more(well not that much more)


click here to visit my Conan page. This site was recently voted best Conan site on the web. FOR ME TO POOP ON!


click here to visit my chatroom and talk about Wrestling, Conan O'Brien, The Violent Femmes or anything else that interests you. Remember to clearly state your name and location in order to give potential stalkers a head start on tracking you down


click hereto visit my message board and leave or respond to messages concerning Wrestling, Conan O'Brien, Jane's Addiction or anything else as long as its not that godawful Dawson's Creek show.

In the future this site will include The Simpsons, and quite possibly nude pictures of myself. Yippee!

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