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Well, it's happened. The Wolf from the Dark Side is back with a webpage once again. In the months to come, I intend to make this place REAL big. I run this joint, but it's owned by my manager and creator, DarkWolf (Marc Weinstein) Eventually, there will be a questionaire page, where I and the rest of the cast of Crazies that DarkWolf has created, will answer your questions. The page will be called "Pin'em down".

Here we are again.New page, and new service providing it. Yes, I'm still getting the hang of this stuff, but it could be worse. I could cook for a living. Anyhow, new news. The Road Rovers are still running on Cartoon Network. I've heard slight rumblings in the comic book world about rumors of a possible Road Rovers COMIC BOOK! If this little tidbit is TRUE, then The Rovers may be making their way back to mainstream media. Let's hope it IS true!

There are also a great many Fan created Rovers as well. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • HUNTRESS (Created by Greywolf Lupous)

    Huntress is the younger sister of Hunter. The Transdogmafier set her age back a few years, which is why she is considered Hunter's "little" sister. She has proven her value to the Road Rover team time and again. She is dating Blitz. This has the Rovers questioning her sanity. Howevere, her ability to come through when it really counts has made this small unusuality easily tolerable.

  • WARWOLF (Created by ME. :) )

    Warwolf is the two time former WWF Heavyweight Champion. He has also held the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, and the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. He exists in two sperate series. In series one (which was discontinued) He and Colleen are engaged to be married, and in stories that take place after the three major scripts, they actually ARE married. In series two, which takes place in a completely seperate reality, and beginning with "King of the Monsters", he has a relationship with a Japanese Spitz by name of Alethia. They would have many adventures in the RolePlaying world of IRC, and were eventually married and had a child there. These events will be reflected in future stories in Series Two. His younger brother Deathwalker would also become a MAJOR enemy. The two brothers would battle in several wars, before Warwolf finally defeated Deathwalker for the World Wrestling Federation Title.

  • Alethia (Created by Kylen Miles)

    Alethia is the creation of Kylen Miles. Alethia is the first Japanese Road Rover. She is pure White, with a hint of silver. She was created in a government project which was trying to produce a race of Cano-Sapiens which would be used as soldiers, should America be involved in another major war. A faction of these would be soldiers rebelled, destroying half the Cano-Sapiens created at the government founded base (Named Perris Park), and Alethia was the lone Survivor. She would go on to meet the Road Rovers and later join them. Alethia possesses telepathic powers, as well as clairvoyance. She can sometimes predict the future. For quite some time, she was secretly in love with Hunter. But when he never responded to her with the same emotions, she felt more alone, now that she had no one who would love her as one of her fellow Perrisians did.That changed when she met Warwolf. The two became quick friends, and soon afterwards became lovers and eventually husband and wife. This all happens in stories which are fairly close to the reality of the Series Two Warwolf, with the possible difference that the events of "King of the Monsters" probably didn't take place.

    And of course leave us not forget the insidious DARK ROVERS (Created By Daniel Morales.)


    Destroyer is the leader of the Dark Rovers. He is Hunter's clone and in many ways is his complete and exact OPPOSITE. From the start when he was called "Evil Hunter", he d his heroic counterpart. Recently they became very close freinds however. Destroyer is also father to a pup named after Hunter. His Dark Rover identification number is A-1.


    Coll-Lee is the clone of Colleen. her name is the combination of two of the world's greatest Martial Artists. Colleen being one and the legendary Bruce Lee the other. She is far lier at her craft than her prototype. (Colleen). She is the wife of Destroyer and mother of their son, Hunter II. Her Identification number is A-2


    Cutter is the veterinarian of the pack. He is Blitz's clone but isn't much of a "Weird Boy". Cuter helped give Coll-Lee birth to Hunter II. His claws and fangs are far lier than the prototype's (Blitz) EVER were. His Identification number is B-1.


    Frozen-Eye is the clone of Exile. he is a scientific Genius. however, because he so rarely gets to test his inventions, they often never work. his powers are easily a match for those of his counterpart. His identification is B-2


    Fangs is NOT Shag's clone. He's an alien. He's a creature who is in basic terms, a VAMPIRE ON STEROIDS. He has the American Godzilla's camouflage ability, a vocal weapon similar to the Banshee Howl, and can fly. His identification number is C-1

    The Elderly Warwolf (Again, created by me.)

    Proile coming soon

    Recently, there's been some trouble in the IRC world. The Fans of the Road Rovers have been divided for the last few months now over a feud about Magic and Professional wrestling. This is greatly disheartening. Especially since in many ways, it goes against everything we've tried to stand for:Equality, and the idea that all people all over the world can get along. Things have gotten a bit better. The feud has simmered down. and things are fairly nice between the warring factions. However, it would be nice to just end the whole boring mess and get everyone together again.

    BTW everyone, a friend of mine by name of Ricky Galahad is offering his services as a proofreader. He is also a great writer. If you have requests for someone to look over your work, contact him. here He will also write stories, lyrics to songs, just about anything!
    Very soon, I will be posting links to fan fiction, so hold on to your horses, and just wait patiently. :)
    Meanwhile, a new era has begun! The Changing of the guard starts here, as an all new season of Road Rovers stories is unleashed. A now 50 year old + Warwolf recruits an all new team of Road Rovers to fight a new force for evil in the Cosmos! Anyone have any ideas for new Rovers? Email me and I'll think about it!

    If you would like to be counted as an OFFICIAL Road Rover fan,

    send an e-mail to Fluffy at containing a doggie noise (Arf-Arf, WOOF, etc.).

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