Party of Five as most of you know, is about 5 kids who struggle to stay together as a family after their parents are killed in a car accident. If you haven't yet, watch this show on the FOX network at 9pm on Wednesday! This show stars Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jeremy London.

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Last Updated: August 7, 1998

Party Tid-Bits!

Erina's Party of Five Message Board -Please post any comments on my new message board!
Learn about each of the characters on Party of Five in this Meet the Cast section. May 29 with new pics and info
Missed an episode? Check out the Season Three Episode summaries here.
A general summary of the Fourth Season. Unfortunately, I was away at school until May, so I did not have time to write individual summaries for each show. Sorry!
Episode summary for the May 6th episode, "Fools Rush In".
Here are some Links to other party of Five sites.August 7

Party Info!

Send a friend an EOnline! postcard of Bailey or Charlie.
EOnline's Q and A with Neve Campbell.
Check out Lacey's new film Lost in Space, playing right now in theatres!
Neve Campbell is going to star in a new film, Three to Tango, with Friend's star Matthew Perry.
Neve Campbell is one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People.

Party Clubs and Mail!

Visit the Party of Five Fan Club website or join simply by emailing:
Join the Neve Campbell Fan Club simply by emailing:
Would you like to see Bailey and Sarah together? Lynn and Lisa have started a petition "Operation Save Bailey and Sarah" and a new club. To join,

Party Music!

Did the song played at the end of the February 26, 1997 episode, "Hitting Bottom" catch your attention? This song is called "This Woman's Work" and it is performed by Kate Bush.
Visit Reprise Record's Site on the Party of Five soundtrack. You can sample all of the songs on the soundtrack!

Party Polls!

February Poll to the question: Would you rather see Bailey with Callie or Sarah?
Here are the SURPRISING results of the March Poll! Cast you vote for the May Poll below.
April Poll results to the question: Do you think Julia should have married Griffin?
May Poll Results of the May 1997 poll to the question Are you glad Charlie broke up with Grace?
May 1998 Poll-Results to the question: Should Julia divorce Griffin?

Who is your favourite character on Party of Five?

Summer Poll

What was your favourite part of the season finale?

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