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Here was the update I got TODAY {10-16-96} !! Well it's going to be a two hour movie according to Gy Waldron's conversation with Dorothy Best. Cathy Bach called Dorothy yesterday to tell Jimmy. Unfornately Jimmy is out of town doing a movie entitled "Rainey" in Georgia and won't be home until Friday Oct. 18th. By now I'm sure both Denver and Ben have been contacted. Gy talked with Sonny on the phone for 45 min. to an hour. I phoned Sonny right after Gy hand hung up with Sonny and we spent over an hour and a half talking on the phone about that and some other business we had to discuss. Sonny is on cloud nine. I was very glad to have delievered this breaking news this quickly. This information is stuff the newspapers and magazines don't have in print yet. You many read about it in weeks or months to come, but you heard it here first hand. That's how it was with the movie Forrest Gump, I knew about the produciton schedule and movie for almost 9 to 10 months before it was even mention to the public. I love getting information like that. I will definately keep everyone updated on any other news about the movie that I'm allowed to pass along. Gy is kinda keeping the story plot under hats, he doesn't want it to leak out. Sorrel was wanting and hoping for this movie to happen about five years ago, it almost did then, but things kinda fell through, Warner Bros. lost interest. Sonny and I have been waiting for this to happen for several years now. We only wish they could have done it back then, like I said Sorrel was really wanting to do the movie back then. Sonny and Sorrel talked on the phone as much as Sonny and I do. Talk to you later Agent for Sonny Shroyer

News: The 2 - Hour TV Movie Reunion Show is sheduled to begin filming the week of December 2, 1996 and air sometime in early 1997. I think they will completely recondition the 2 General Lees that Warner Brothers kept when they sold the other 17 off. I have also heard that the guy who owns The General that appeared on Prime Time Country has been contacted and his car will be used in the show. I will let you know as new information becomes available. The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion Show is scheduled to start production on December 2,1996 and it is to take 17 days to complete. The new movie is going to be two hours. Guy Waldron has been working on the script for the past four months and and he has recently finished it. At this point everyone has been contacted about the filming date.

Information courtesy of Cousin Don's Dukes of Hazzard Web Page

I haven't had time to sort through this information. I will reformat to make it easier to read asap

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