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For those of you who have never seen (where have you been) the X-Files here's a quick explanation of what it's about.

The X-Files follows two FBI Agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The two agents investigate cases which involve paranormal phenomena.

Mulder and Scully Homer

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Links to other pages of mine and other people.

X-Files Series 1 Guide
This Page has an episode guide for every X-File in Series 1.
X-Files Series 2 Guide
This page has an episode guide for every X-File in Series 2.
X-Files Series 3 Guide
Same as above but this time for every X-File in Series 3.
X-Files Series 4 Guide
Now a complete episode guide for Series 4.
The X-Files Chat Page
Here you can chat with other X-File Fans from around the world
The X-Files Quote Page
This page contains all the best line from the X-Files.
The X-Files Script Page
This page has a few X-File Scripts and other X-File Files
Red Dwarf- The Total Immersion Web Page
My new Red Dwarf Site
Engale Marketing Home Page
Highly recommended for buying all your X-File goodies.
The Riddlers Realm
Nothing about the X-Files but a very cool page.

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