Maurice Benard Quotes about his return to GH

(Various sources)

"The fans are so loyal, it's amazing," smiles Benard. "I can't go anywhere without people saying, 'Sonny, when are you coming back?' I'll go in and do my stuff then go."

"I haven't gotten specific with them [about what Sonny's exact future will be] I trust [Head Writer] Bob Guza and everyone else there. I know I am going to have scenes with Vanessa, Steve, Kimberly and Ron (Brenda, Jason, Robin, Mike). Sonny has been in Rio, and he's going to be a changed person. You're going to see a harder Sonny. I'm gona have fun with this one."

"Somehow, he sees Brenda, but I'm doing 12 episodes, maybe a few more. That's it."

"Basically, what I've been doing is auditioning. It's actually going great -- they just keep hiring the wrong guy. I told Wendy [Riche, executive producer] that I think the actors who make it are the ones who deal with rejection the best."

"The main reason I'm going back is to make a little dough," he says with a laugh. "The other reason is because I was asked. I love everybody there. And I love Sonny. If [GH] were a different place, I don't think I'd do it. But I think I'll feel safe there. I won't feel like, 'Why are you doing this, Maurice? You couldn't make it?' I think everybody is going to be positive."


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