Larry Keith

Hats off to Larry Keith. In the first season of "Law & Order" in the episode, "Prisoner of Love," Keith plays a slimy, perverted weasel. He made my skin crawl in that episode. Recently I found out that Larry Keith was in Titanic (the Broadway musical not the movie). When I went to New York last summer, I was fortunate enough to see this show. I looked up what character he played in my Playbill only to discover that he played Isidor Straus. If you don't know the Straus story, look it up because it would take me pages to explain. Anyway, the characters, Isidor and Ida Straus, sang a song, "Still," that had me crying so much I don't remember much else of the play. I would like to personally say that Larry Keith has to be one of the most amazing actors in the world.

My Fair Lady (original)
I Had A Ball
High Spirits

Off Broadway:
Rose Quartet
Only Kidding
We're Home
Rise of David Levinsky
The Homecoming

Mass Appeal
Substance of Fire
The Price

"All My Children" (2 Emmy nominations)
Norman Lear's "The Baxters"
guest roles:
"Kate and Allie"
"Cobb's Law"
"Kane and Abel"
and last but definately not least......"Law & Order"

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