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Trapdoor Appreciation Page

(Plasticene Rules, Oh Globbits)

© 1985 CMTB Animation/Queensgate Productions Ltd.
Trapdoor was Devised and created by Charlie Mills and Terry Brain. (Dudes!)

This page is going to be a celebration of the wonderful Trapdoor television series.
I only just started putting it together so please feel free to call again, when its all a bit more complete!



Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions, where nobody goes, stands an ancient castle. Deep within this dank and uninviting place lives berk [Hello!], overworked servant of the thing upstairs [Berk! Feed Me!]. But that's nothing compared to the horrors that lurk beneath the trapdoor, for there is always something down there, in the dark, waiting to come out......


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Stay away from the... [Trapdoor!]

Character Profiles

[Berk Pic] Berk [Play hullo.wav]
Overworked Servant of 'im Upstairs. Berk is blue.

[Boni Pic] Boni
Berk's long suffering friend. Hasn't been the same since his brains fell out!

[Drut Pic] Drut
Stupid pet thingy. Is occasionally useful.

The Thing Upstairs [Play feedme.wav]

Annoying evil little yellow squit. Oh look 'ees got a little 'ole in the top of 'is head

Slow but friendly monster. Thinks boni is boring and Berk is annoying

The Thing Upstairs favourite vegetable!

Those Song Lyrics

Don't you open that trapdoor,
You're a fool if you dare....
Stay away from that trapdoor,
'Cos there's something down there....

Creepy, crawly, slimy things, 
that stick on to your skin...
Horrid beasts with tentacles, 
that want to pull you in...
Squirmy worms, slugs and snails,
that lie there in a goo...
They'll wait down there forever,
'till they get their hands on you...

Stay away from that trapdoor,
'Cos there's something down there....

DIY: Make Your Own Creatures

[Plasticene rules!] Blah Blah Blah. Here are some I made earlier....etc, etc..

About the Creators

Charlie Mills and Terry Brain - obvious genuis'

Episode Guide

Gourmets Delight
This is bubo's first appearance
Food For Thort
This is Thorts first appearance
I'll write up the first video this weekend :). [Under construction!!!]

What & Where to buy

Videos: Creepy Crawly Adventures, Scunge, The Stupid Thing????

WAV's for your delight

  1. hullo.wav(8Kb) Berk saying hullo
  2. feedme.wav(24Kb) "Berk, Feed Me!"
  3. bonking_time.wav(78Kb) Berk expounding the virtues of bonking
  4. sniff_that.wav(12Kb)
  5. poor_boni.wav(48Kb) "Poor old boni..."

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