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My favorite artist is Noriko Sakai. Noriko was born on Febuary 14, 1971. She is 157cm tall and weighs 40kg.Noriko is most popular super star in Asia and she is a very, very lovely girl!!!

Portfolio of Noriko Sakai

English Name : Noriko Sakai

Nickname : Norip

Date of Birth : 1971, February 14

Place of Birth : Fukuoka, Japan

Height : 157cm

Weight : 41kg

Blood Type : B

Hobbies : Collecting Accessories and manicures

Favorite Food : Fried Chicken and BBQ

Favorite Animals :Cats (She has 4 cats)

Favorite singers : Cyndi Lauper and Bon Jovi

More Pictures

Discography of Noriko Sakai

Fant asia -Noriko part.1
Guanbare -Noriko part.2
Guanbare CDV Special
Lovely Times -Noriko part.3
Blue Wind -Noriko part.4
My Dear -Noriko part.5
Singles -Noriko Best-
White Girl -Noriko part.6
Sweet'n Bitter -Noriko part.7
CD -File 1
CD -File 2
CD -File 3
Magical Montage Company
Sentimental Best
Singles Noriko Best II
Anata-ga Michite yuku
Natural Best
10 songs
Twin Best
HoHoe (Smile in Chinese)
Soundtracks -Moshi no Kinka

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