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Last updated on 16th February 1997

These are some of my favourite TV shows and I have tried to pull together some links for you to surf, let me know if you find any other links for these shows. During the coming months I will try to get more information and some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Drop the Dead Donkey
Due South
Murder Most Horrid
Other TV Links

Enjoy surfing our TV Links

Eastenders characters and trivia page with synopses of episodes
UK Soap Forum with interactive web board
The Walford Gazette

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Click here for a picture of Paul Gross

The Official Due South Page
UK Episode Guide
Helen's Homepage for Due South
Sharon's Homepage for Due South
For Paul Gross fans try this image gallery

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Click here for a picture from Blackadder the Third

Sup's Blackadder Page with piccies and sounds
Blackadder Links - a page of other links to Blackadder sites

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Click here for a picture of the original cast.

Drop the Dead Donkey (linked to Neil Pearson homepage)
Drop the Dead Donkey

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The Hello Girls
Yes Prime Minister
Visit The BBC
Check out Channel 4
Time Team - the brilliant archaeological program
Quotes from Waiting for God

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Murder Most Horrid synopis
Profile of Dawn French

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