The Genesis Spore

Original Screenplay by

Rob Perry

Part 1

Copyright 1996 by Rob Perry and NorthStarr Productions
All Rights Reserved

NorthStarr Casting

Sean Connery
Liam Nesson
Alan Rickman
Nick Lea
Cameron Diaz

Dr. Claude Gothier

World Health Organization (WHO)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sean Mcrea
Chief Constable

Cobh Special Branch
Cobh, County Cork Ireland

Paddy O'Grady
IRA Leader

Dublin Ireland

Dr. Jean Luc Duvall
Micro Biologist

Ex-Captain - Foreign Legion

Dr. Sonia Bell

Wilhelm Research Laboratories
Lake Geneva, Switzerland






	SEAN MCREA a tall man in his early forties is sitting in his 

	chair and reading a report when he hears a small crack and

	feels a piece of glass strike the top of  his hair. He sees a piece

	of his office print of the Queen lose a corner of the frame 

	McRea is in shock and jumps on the floor. Pulls out his service

	pistol and looks at the small hole in the office window above

	his chair, he yells for backup.



		Patrick,  Hanlon ----- anybody!

	CONSTABLE PATRICK comes running in the room with his

	service pistol drawn.


		Sean, ----- Sean, what is it!

	McRea, gets up off the floor and runs out the office and motions

	Patrick to follow him.

							CUT TO;



	McRea is running and Patrick is right behind him and they both

	stop when they see nothing.


		What happened?


			(out of breath)

		Someone took a shot at me. I heard the glass crack

		and the bullet hit one of my office pictures.  Lets go

		inside and we'll dig out the bullet.


		I'll jump in the patrol car and check out a few

		streets and see if I see anything.


		Go ahead, and radio some of the other cars to

		check the area too.

	Patrick jumps in one of the patrol cards and peels out and disappears 

	down the street. McRea runs back in the building and closes the door.

							CUT TO:


	As McRea walks into his office, CONSTABLE HANLON is close behind

	and very upset.


		What is it, what happened?

	McRea is using his pen knife to dig the bullet out of the wall.


		Looks like a thirty caliber.....

	DISPATCHER MARY HELEN MCKINNY yells at him from the open

	office area.	



		Sean, pick up line two, you have a call.

	McRea pick's up the receiver and listens to an unfamiliar

	voice talking in a very low tone.


		Chief Constable ------I need for you to understand that

		I never miss. The round was sent two to three inch's

		above your head, so I would get your attention. 

		Do I now have your attention?


			(McRea motions to Hanlon,

			 to trace the call)				

		Who is this.......who is this......


		Never mind who this is, just listen,	what you 

		received today was just a wake up call.  If I

		wanted you to die, yes you would have died

		tonight. But when I want you to die, you will

		indeed die.  And you will die by my hands.

	The caller hangs up and McRea is as pale as a ghost.


		Who was it?  Did someone threaten you? 

		(A beat.)   Sean, talk to me!

	McRea  pulls his chair away from the window and sits in it.


		Someone just called me and said I was going 

		to die, he also said it's a little game and I'm

		suppose 	to guess when.


		He wasn't on long enough for a trace.

		Sean -----  you look sick.  

	Mary Helen starts yelling again to pick up the phone.


		Sean, pickup line one, it sounds

		like the same guy.


		Start the trace now.

			(McRea picks up the receiver)

		'Hello-----this is McRea----who

		is this------


		Stop trying to trace this call. You can't. This

		line is a hijacked cellular number, it can't be 

		traced.  Just so you know I'm not kidding you

		........look out your window.

		Don't worry, I won't shoot you---


			(whispering to Hanlon)

		Get away from the window.

	McRea , with phone in hand positions himself next to the edge of the

	window and peers out in the blackness.


		Ok, now that you are looking

		out the window, take a good

		look at your LAND ROVER......

		for the last time.

	As McRea is looking at his Rover, there is a tremendous explosion

	and his truck disappears in a fireball.

				CALLER  (cont.)

		Have a nice evening Chief Constable - - - - -


	McRea is in panic and is yelling at his staff. Patrick comes running 

	into the office.



		Thank god your alive, I thought

		you may have been in the Rover.


	The fire department truck arrives, with the crew putting out the fire 

	of what's left of  McRea's truck.  McRea and Hanlon are looking 

	at the remains.

				HANLON  (cont.)

			(with concern)

		Only C4 could have done that much 

		controlled damage.  Do you have any

		idea who could have done this?


		It's the same person who put a 

		thirty caliber full metal jacket

		bullet through my window!


		Full metal jacket sounds like a 

		military round.  He has C4, and

		I wonder what else is in his 


	Patrick is talking to McRea on his radio..

				HANLON (V.O.)

		Sean, the door of your house was

		wide open and nobody's home. 

		What do you want me to do?  Over.


		Stay there until I call you. 

		Over and out.

			(McRea turns down the

			 volume on the radio)

		That was Patrick and my house is 

		empty-----my wife is gone. 



		I know, I heard-----let's go

		back inside maybe she went to

		the store.

						CUT TO:


	Mary Helen is yelling from the open office area.


		Chief Constable McRea, he's on the phone again.


		Chief Constable McRea----


		How does it feel to lose your nerve, truck and 

		family, all in one night. Enjoy, my good man enjoy-----




		Who is this, why don't you come and

		face me like a man?



		What, and have twenty constables jump

		me or shoot me.  The only contact

		you will have with me is on the phone. 

		Ta-ta my good man.  Enjoy your misery.

	McRea stands in his office with the phone in his hand.


		Call Patrick and tell him to get back

		here, on the double.

	Mary Helen comes running in the room with her headset on and

	yelling at McRea.


		Chief Constable, the supervisor at the power 

		station just called and said someone called him

		and said the substation will be blown up tonight. 

		I sent two cars out there.  And your caller is

		on line two again.


		This is Chief Constable McRea-----


		Oh, just one more thing-----you will find the

		body of your wife out by the old quarry road. 


			(coming unglued)

		Her body,  what did she ever do to you!



		Oh, stop your blubbering and show a

		little backbone.  (A beat.) 

		I was only kidding------she should 

		be walking into your office just

		about now------Have a nice evening

		Chief Constable!

	JILL MCCREA a nice looking lady in her late thirties walks 

	in the office.  


		I received a call from someone

		saying you had been in an auto 

		accident and I was to come here

		immediately. When I saw what was 

		left of your truck I almost had

		a heart attack-----but Mary Helen

		came out and got me.  What's 

		going on?

	McRea puts his arm around Jill.


		Looks like I have a stalker after

		me and I really don't know why!

	The lights in the office flicker and go on again.


		Looks like we just lost the sub 

		station.  I'll  round up some 

		of the men and get out there.


		Call Patrick and tell him, Jill 

		is here, and ok.

						CUT TO:


	Mary Helen is calling from the open office area.     



		Chief Constable, phone call on line three.


		Chief Constable McRea-----

				CALLER  (V.O)

		I think it's time I properly introduced 

		myself, The name is Mr. Hulot, it's

		French Canadian. Think of Hugh low, that

		way you won't forget it. Hello, Chief

		Constable are you there?


		Yes I'm here, what do you want?


		Look Chief Constable I need for you

		to do me a favor----are you there?


		Why should I do you a favor, you've

		made me look like a fool, for the 

		last four hours.


		Oh really------take the phone and look out

		the window.  Do you see that white VW 

		rabbit parked on the street?


		Yes, so what?


		Look at it carefully-----

	McRea looks out the window and sees the car go up in

	a fireball.


		Do I have your attention now?


		Yes you do, go ahead.


		Listen carefully, I'm only going

		to say it one time.  

	McRea is looking at the Rabbit on fire------			 


		Yes go ahead Mr. Hulot, I will do

		whatever you say.


		Good boy---I need for you to get

		me two thousand pounds of C4.  

		You know, Hi-explosives--------


		Oh I can't get you C4, no way----


			(very upset and yelling)				

		Do you see the little red pickup 

		parked near the fire engine with

		the young man sitting in it?


		Ok, I'll get it for you---

						CUT TO:



	Mary Helen is shouting from the open office area.


		Sean, he's on the phone again.


		Chief Constable McRea----

				HULOT  (V.O)

		I hope you won't make the mistake of getting the

		Military mixed up in our little game, because 

		if you do----  


		I need more time, it's not that easy to get 2000

		pounds of C4 in this county, ---- I need more time.


				HULOT  (V.O)

		You need more time--horse pucky - - 

		you're stalling my friend and it's 

		going to cost you.  You give the 

		permits in this county for the purchase

		of explosives. You and I both know

		there's several thousand pounds of C4 

		at the EIRE RIVER MAGAZINE waiting for

		the county road crews to pick up for

		blasting the base on the new road,

		so please let's stop kidding each 

		other, you have twenty-four hours

		and not a minute more.



		You put me in a very bad position 

		with the Irish Rangers, if I help you,

		I will be aiding and abetting a 



		That's the least of your problems 

		my friend. Right now you're looking

		at losing your police station, home

		and your wife.


		Remember tender heart, that for every

		Military that enters this town, one

		Cork citizen will go up in smoke!


		Ok Mr. Hulot we'll get the C4 in 

		twenty-four hours. Is there a number

		where I can call you?




		Oh , I can see why you're just a 

		small town Chief Constable, it's because

		you're so stupid. You really expect

		me to give you a number where you

		can call me!  I know everything

		you do and when you're doing it,

		so I'll know if you're really making

		an effort.	

						CUT TO: 



	Mary Helen is shouting from the open office area.


		Sean, he's on the phone again.


	McRea picks up the receiver, then hesitates.


		This is Chief Constable McRea---


		Tick---Tock---Tick Tock-----times 

		running out my friend, is my package 


							CUT TO:


	McRea has arrived at the explosive storage depot for his county and is 

	greeted by the manager LOU HAYES, a young man in his thirties.


		Hi Chief Constable , I have your shipment 

		ready for you.

	They both walk over to Lou's truck and he lifts the tarp and exposes 

	cases marked HI EXPLOSIVES.  


		There it is Chief Constable, twenty cases, 

		hundred pounds a case.


		Did you have any problem with the

		special order from Hercules?  I know

		it was a very short notice.


		No----I just told them it was a matter

		of life and death.  And also it was for

		you!  It does help to have your relatives

		working there. Shall we start our journey?


		Thanks Lou, I'll drive ahead of you with

		the Red lights on and I want you to take

		this police radio with you so we can stay

		in contact with each other----just in case

		of trouble.

	McRea and Lou Hayes start their trek back to Cobh and 

	the eerie glow of the red lights are seen disappearing

	down the Hi-way. Meanwhile, a large bus is parked 

	several miles down the same road, and three men with

	ski masks are ready to block the road when the convoy

	comes by. As McRea comes around the next bend the bus

	starts up and a large pickup maneuvers it's way to be

	ready to come from behind the convoy. As the convoy 

	appears, the bus digs out and drives out to the middle

	of the road and stops, completely blocking the road. 

	The pickup comes from behind the convoy blocking the 

	Hercules truck from backing up. The man from the truck 

	jumps out and runs to a point several yards back and

	strikes on a flare and tosses it in the middle of the 

	road, he then runs over to the Hercules truck with gun 

	in hand and holds Lou Hayes at bay.  Two men run over

	to the Chief Constable's car and take him out then all walk 

	over to the bus.  


		Chief Constable McRea I presume, It's a 

		pleasure I'm sure.  Not to worry, no one

		will get hurt. Mr. Hulot has given firm 

		orders that no one will be hurt.  You 

		may call me Claude, and we will now

		remove the packages for Mr. Hulot.

		Very well, make yourself comfortable,

		but I will have to relieve you of your

		weapon, of course you do understand. 

	One terrorist holds a gun on McRea, the others start transferring the explosives

	from  the Hercules truck to the hijacking truck.  When the transfer is complete,

	they are lead to McRea's patrol car and helped in the back seat. One gunman 

	drives off in the pickup and the other two hold their guns on the lawmen.


		Chief Constable, my instructions from

		Mr. Hulot is to leave you here with Mr.

		Hayes.  The keys will be in a bag one 

		mile down the hi-way, ok, Bon Voyage 

		Mon Ami

							CUT TO:



	McRea, Hanlon and Patrick are having a meeting with MAJOR

	IAN GREYan undercover member of the IRISH RANGERS.


		Major Grey, I just wonder what Mr. Hulot

		is going to do when he discovers the 

		shipment he received is Inert C4!


			(whispering to Patrick)

		What is inert C4?


		It looks and smells like it, but its non-explosive.

		 They make it for movies and TV productions.


			(looking at his watch)

		They should be getting a surprise just about now.


		Who is Mr. Hulot?


		Mr. Hulot is BRANDON O' GRADY one of the top

		terrorists in the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY.

		His specialty is explosives.  He's wanted by

		the UK, on more charges than you can write!




		Now we know why he wanted the C4.


		You mean the shipment is headed for 

		Northern Ireland?


		Bingo----the IRA uses a lot of C4 and

		I'm sure Mr. Hulot has a target as

		we speak.


		They have gone to a lot of trouble for

		this stuff, can't they buy it in Europe?


		The IRA used to buy C4 from SADDAM 

		HOUSSEIN, but that source has dried up.


		I thought the English and the IRA had a 

		truce and a cease fire?


		It won't last, it never has.  So now they're

		regrouping and stocking up so when it starts

		up again, they'll be ready.


						CUT TO:


	EXT.	EIRE RIVER ROAD            DUSK	  


	The hi-jackers are on the north shore meeting with O' grady. 

	They're standing next to a pickup with two thousand pounds of C4.


				O' GRADY

		We are going to have to drive all 

		night to get to "Derry" by morning.


    				TERRORIST #2

			(showing concern)

		Brandon, what is that noise, it sounds

		like some heavy choppers! I think I see 

		several choppers coming into greet

		us, what now?


	O' GRADY pick's up his field glasses and looks in the direction 

	where one of his men is pointing.

				O' GRADY

			(very concerned)

		Ah, yes I see the lads now!

	In a few minutes the lead helicopter shines a flood

	light on the small group, and a loud voice	is heard 

	in the still evening air.


		Hello lads, put your guns down or we

		we will shoot you all!

	They start firing at the choppers and heavy machine guns

	on the gun ship go off killing the men on the ground.

							CUT TO:




	Major Grey has just received a call on his radio.


		Did they arrest them?


		They resisted and were all shot dead!


		What now Major?


		Brandon O' grady's father, Paddy

		O' grady one of the most powerful

		leaders in the IRA will probably

		put a price on all our heads!


						     CUT TO:

SIX MONTHS LATER FADE IN EXT. KENYA AFRICA - MT. ELGON - DAY - HEAVY RAIN EXT. KITUM CAVE INT. PORTABLE LAB IN BRIGHT ORANGE BIO-FIELD TENT CLAUDE GAUTHIER a Microbiologist working in his bright orange "Racal Suit" looks like a man on the moon. The suit is required when working with "Hot Virus's" like the Ebola strains. He hands a specimen to his assistant who is JEAN LUC DUVALL a Microbiologist student from Montreal Canada, who places the specimen in the field "hot agent" carrier. They both walk out of the cave. GAUTHIER (smiling) Thank you Jean-Luc, we now have generous specimens of Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan. Lock the carrier and we'll get out of these monkey suits. As Gauthier starts to take off his Racal suit he exposes a large scare on his right fore-arm. He looks tired and shows it for a man in his late fifties. GAUTHIER (Cont.) Jean Luc, I see you looking at my scar again. It's just a bad monkey bite. DUVALL What kind of a monkey did you say it was? GAUTHIER Colobus, a very large male Colobus. DUVALL Why did he bite you? GAUTHIER I was trying to inject him with an experimental serum to kill the Ebola virus. And you know what, I think he knew he was going to die! DUVALL All the years that you worked for the CDC, how close did you get to catching Ebola? Jean Luc takes off his suit and exposes a young man in his late twenties. GAUTHIER The day a male Colobus acted like he was sleeping and he bit my finger. DUVALL What happened? GAUTHIER I don't know, I was in isolation for three weeks, but I didn't come down with it! DUVALL Maybe you have an immunity to that strain of Ebola. GAUTHIER I had a Belgian friend working with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Zaire when they had a large outbreak. One day he brought water to a woman who was dying. She threw up in his face and he died a week later from Ebola. DUVALL Where are these specimens going? GAUTHIER They're going to Ireland. DUVALL Claude, I don't think you'll be able to get past customs. Gauthier looks at his watch and picks up his small Lan- Sat Communicator. GAUTHIER The buyers are picking them up here. DUVALL (upset) Claude, you can't do that, it's illegal! GAUTHIER The buyers are taking the samples directly to Ireland. They work for the IRA. DUVALL Oh I see. Do I get paid when they get here? GAUTHIER Yes, we both get paid in hard English Pounds. (he turns on the radio) Zebra calling cobra, over? RADIO (V.O.) This is Cobra, read you five by five. GAUTHIER Have Zaire and Sudan, can't locate Marburg, should we continue to look? RADIO (V.O.) That is a roger Zebra, we will contact buyers and get back to you. Eh, ...Over and out! DUVALL (questioning) What is the IRA going to do with these samples? GAUTHIER (feeling uncomfortable) I don't know. DUVALL You know, I never told you but the U.S. Army interviewed me in college about a job with their disease control branch. And the CDC also interviewed me. GAUTHIER You are very lucky, when I was in College I had to look for a job. DUVALL The Government has very low starting pay, but they have many benefits. GAUTHIER Yes, benefits are very important when you get older. (he turns the volume up on the radio) RADIO (V.O.) Cobra calling Zebra, over? GAUTHIER This is Zebra, read you five by five. RADIO (V.O.) We have contacted the buyers and they want you to continue to look for Marburg. Over. GAUTHIER That is a roger. We heard a week ago an outbreak of MARBURG is in Zaire, can you send the plane and get us over there? RADIO (V.O.) That is a roger Zebra, we will pick you up at 0600 tomorrow morning. Over and out. GAUTHIER Cobra, be advised we will be ready. Over and out. DUVALL (questioning) Why do they need Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan and Marburg? GAUTHIER I don't know? CUT TO: EXT. KENYA AFRICA - MT. ELGON DAY EXT. KITUM CAVE EXT. SHORT AIRSTRIP IN SMALL MEADOW Claude Gauthier and his assistant Jean Luc Duvall are sitting on their safari chairs waiting for the STOL aircraft that is picking them up. Claude is holding a large canister painted all white with the familiar three circle flower indicating "Hot Agent". GAUTHIER (smiling) Well Jean Luc, what are you going to do with your cut of the money? DUVALL Last summer I went to the south of France and I met a girl in St. Tropez. GAUTHIER Oh you have a little romance going for you, how nice. DUVALL What about you? GAUTHIER I was offered a job working with the WHO in the Congo. it seems they have discovered a new strain of what they call a "Doomsday Bug". DUVALL All the years that you worked for the CDC, and you never got Ebola, and now your tempting fate again! Jean Luc takes off his Pith Helmet and wipes his brow and looks up shading his eyes. DUVALL Here comes our plane. GAUTHIER Excellent, Excellent! DUVALL We should be in Yambuko in about an hour and a half. GAUTHIER Ok. Jean Luc get your gear, here they come. A STOL type aircraft makes a low pass and lands in the dirt strip. The pilot taxis the plane up to where Gauthier and Duvall are waiting. The pilot shuts down the engine and gets out of the plane. DUVALL (shouting) Rene, it's so good to see you! RENE (shaking Gauthier's hand) Claude, your a sight for sore eyes. DUVALL Rene, why did you shut down the engine, we're ready to go. The pilot takes out a nine millimeter pistol out of his jacket pocket and aims it at the bush. GAUTHIER (shocked) What the hells going on? RENE From the air I saw two black men watching you. They both had rifles. GAUTHIER No way, no way, we have seen no one since we've been here. Rene runs to the edge of the jungle stops and turns around. I must have scared them off. probably poachers. RENE Are you ready Claude, Jean Luc? RENE (takes the Hot carrier out of Jean-Luc's hand) I'll store this in the storage compartment with your other things. DUVALL Be careful Rene, that canister has enough virus to kill all the people in the world! They all walk back to the Aircraft and Rene places the Hot Agent carrier in the luggage department. Jean Luc gets in the rear of the plane and Claude gets in the front seat next to the pilot. The pilot starts up the engine and then taxi's out to the take off point and the engine screams as they take off. EXT. KENYA AFRICA - MT. ELGON FROM THE AIR DAY EXT. KITUM CAVE - FROM THE AIR INT. CESSNA 185 STOL AIRCRAFT GAUTHIER (shouting over the noise of the engine) Rene, do you know what the IRA is going to do with the Ebola virus? RENE (uncomfortable) I don't know Claude, I'm just a pick up and Delivery boy. DUVALL They will probably drop them in the water supply of the English Government. GAUTHIER (laughing) What, to kill their fish? CUT TO: EXT. ZAIRE - EBOLA RIVER DAY EXT. CITY OF YAMBUKO EXT. YAMBUKO AIRPORT Claude Gauthier and Jean Luc Duvall are waiting for the Land Rover they've rented. GAUTHIER (smiling) Well Jean Luc, one more virus and we'll be out of this god forsaken place! DUVALL You know what Claude, I don't think the EBOLAS are going to the IRA. GAUTHIER Oh you have such a suspicious nature my friend. Don't you trust anyone? DUVALL My mother. GAUTHIER Don't you trust me? All the years that you've worked for me and you still don't trust me? Jean Luc waves at the rental car attendant as he drives up in the Land Rover. DUVALL Here comes our truck. GAUTHIER Excellent, Excellent! CUT TO: EXT. ZAIRE AFRICA - EBOLA RIVER NIGHT EXT. CITY OF YAMBUKO INT. YAMBUKO CITY HOSPITAL - EMERGENCY ROOM Gauthier and his assistant Jean Luc Duvall walk through the waiting room and notice all the sick people sitting and laying down waiting for medical care. The walk into the office with a sign saying, DR. JAN KRUEGER CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER. GAUTHIER (smiling) Well Jan it's been a while. This is my protégé, Jean Luc Duvall. KRUEGER (very tired) You came just in time Claude, we have an outbreak of yellow fever and also some cases of Marburg. Nice to meet you Jean Luc. GAUTHIER Why don't you let Jean Luc and I help you with the Marburg and you and your doctors can take care of the Yellow fever. DUVALL Where's the isolation room? KRUEGER God bless you Claude and Jean Luc you are two angels from Heaven. The isolation ward is in the back. DUVALL How many cases of Marburg do you have? KRUEGER As of this morning, about six! CUT TO: EXT. ZAIRE AFRICA - EBOLA RIVER DAY EXT. CITY OF YAMBUKO INT. YAMBUKO CITY HOSPITAL - EMERGENCY ROOM Gauthier and his assistant Jean Luc Duvall are bagging dead natives stricken with Marburg. GAUTHIER (smiling) Well Jean Luc I've collected more than enough specimens and I think we should leave tomorrow. DUVALL We can't do that Claude, we just got here, these people need our help! Krueger walks into the room and hugs Gauthier and Duvall. KRUEGER God bless you my friends, I don't know what I would do without you two. You are indeed two angels from heaven. DUVALL How many new cases of Marburg do you have now? KRUEGER As of this morning, about two! I think were getting it under control, thanks to both of you! GAUTHIER We have other commitments and we'll have to leave in a few days. KRUEGER I understand my friends. CUT TO:

Copyright 1996 by Rob Perry and NorthStarr Productions
All Rights Reserved

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