This is a Page that I started of different
"KEWL" Links

I've ran across many of them while surfing on the net.
There are alot of talented webpeople out there!
Email if you have any to add!

Women's Links!

Moondance SheWire
Smile and Act Nice GirlGeeks!


Ladies Home Journal Ms

Great Cosmetics Sites


Cartoon & Humor Sites

American FactFinderFacts and information about your community, economy, and society.
Urban LegendsThanks to the Internet, urban legends abound like never before, in the form of chain emails. Check 'em out here before you forward that email!
Bill's GamesNice website for various games. WebTV compatible as well!
Hard Rock Cafe OnlineMusic Lovers of all types can now visit a Hard Rock Cafe!
Smarty Pants Yo-YoIf you ever loved to yo-yo, you'll love this site!
16 Color CinemaBudding cartoonist, children of all ages can express their inner cinematographer while amusing friends with their movies!
Two Steppin'BoogieThis page is a holler!!! Loved the graphics and of course the song. It's worth the wait to let it load! Would I "steer" you wrong? (grin)!
The Fishy Dance PageYep, you guessed it! You can even pick out which song you want to see them "dance" to. I've chosen the "Gilligan's Island" theme for you!
Mark's Apology Note GeneratorWho's Mark? Well, it's probably not his real name! This site utilizes drop down menus to let you choose the groveling phrase that best suits your state of mind (or level of trouble you're in) and it emails the message to whom you want it to. Forms for both women and men!
The Dollar StretcherThe Dollar Stretcher is a weekly newsletter available via email, at this site, on paper and as a newspaper column. The site is easy to use and so full of time and money saving ideas, it'll be hard not to save a few bucks after your very first visit.
The Free ChannelFor webmasters, there are links to free web space, guestbooks, CGI scripts, and so much more. Softwares to download, sweepstakes to enter, free subscription to catelogs and more.
The Free SiteYep another site!The Free Site eases your search by providing a bookmark of freebies on the web.
Hang Your Hat.ComGreat place to look for about anything to furnish your home with!
Fifty ThingsWell, kinda like the name says... Check it out. A little bit for everyone.
The Straight DopeCecil Adams, "The World's Smartest Human Being", according to Adams himself, has been dishing the dope to readers of the Chicago Weekly since 1973. Part Dear Abby, part Dave Barry, and Billy Joe Bob, Adams answers reader questions and espouses his own brand of wisdom., the Internet Laboratory for Juggernaut Technologies, is dedicated to the development of technologies for commercial, educational and entertainment industries. We are among the pioneers for E-Commerce, Distance Learning and Internet Business Solutions.
The Damnedest Thing You Ever SawThis has some funny things on it. Some funny pictures as well.
Dave Barry for PresidentA must see for Dave Barry Fans!
RebatecoA cool site for those that like to do the Rebate thing when you purchase something.

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Justin Wilson's Cajun Cook Lawrence Wheeler's Favorite Mexican Recipes
Death By Curry Mission Goods
Cheerios Cracker Jack

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