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Well first things first, so here is a picture of Ren & Stimpy

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This piccie of Gillian (*sigh*) is specially for HH from DH !

Wanna know how many people have been on my page al ready?? Then check out this figure below!

Amazing !! There are just so many people

  1. Info about me
  2. Priority list
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    Info about me

    Hi there, my name is Lehto. Of course it isnt my real name, no actually Lehto is the name of a character from one of my favorite books: Dune. Another book I really like is: The hitch hikers guide to the universe!

    I like to play Korfball, if you want to talk with me about something, please do not hesitate and send me an E-mail. If you are looking for a great Mud, please try KoBra-mud, a cool mud in Starwars style. The telnet adress is: kobra.et.tudelft.nl My name there is also Lehto. My favorite Tv-series are: The X-files (ofcourse), nowhere man, Ren & Stimpy.

    Priority list

    Here is a list of my favorite tv-shows in correct order:

    1. Friends...Just wonderful
    2. X-files..actually finished equally with friends
    3. Beavis and Butthead...huh huh ..that is pretty cool

      My links

      Links to other sites on the Web

      Veronica - the coolest tv-channel off Holland, with great sries like the X-files
      The Royal Madplace
      Westwood - Makers off great games, like Command and Conquer
      Are you easily amused?? Then enter this centre for the easily amused..
      This is the page of Maarten Oosterhoff, if you know me or him personal go there!

      And then, here is the next picture, of my favorite actress, Gillian Anderson, well known by the X-files. Well this page is still under construction! Check it out once in a while. If you have any suggestions or things, let me know. Or if you have something you wish to share with me, about KoBra, korfball or the Guide, in short anything at all, Please Mail me

      1996 duinevel@swi.psy.uva.nl

      Become a MULTIMILLIONAIRE!!....just click this link for a completely safe casino

      Well if you want to please sign my guestbook, I would like that!

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