Kendy's Kith

Kith is a noun meaning "familiar friends."

My friends are divided into sections because.. I felt like doing that.. Click on a category to skip to those friends. Arizona, San Diego, Harvard, FoLC, Lunkhead, Iowa Guy, and Brown Bear Friends! Here's a picture page with many of these friends on it.. Also more pics are here and here.. Have fun..

Arizona Friends

My best friend in the whole world is Debbie. If you want to see some more pictures of her and me go check out the photo page.. there might be one up by the time you get there. I made up so people who aren't that bored won't have to load up a bunch of useless pictures. :) Debbie and I have been best friends forever, well since first grade. Debbie is in her second year at Northern AZ Univ. For the past two summers she worked at the AZ Humane Society. She likes animals. Other AZ friends are Andrea, Cristina, and Megan! Andrea just started her second year at Creighton where she is a pre-med. Cris goes to NAU too. Megan goes to U Dallas, but right now she is in Italy for fall semester! The four of us (everyone but Debbie) went to Xavier College Prep together in Phoenix and graduated in 1997. We started a band too. We all have tons of fun together doing whatever... bowling, games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, movie watching, or anything else that comes up.

Some other cool people who went to my high school are Lauren, Julia, and Jessica. Lauren and I walked over to the guys' school together for Latin, and she was also in my physics class. Lauren's going to U Dallas. Julia was in calculus and a bunch of other classes with me. We made up excuses together on why we didn't do our homework. She's going to U Miami so she can sail all year long! Jessica was also in a bunch of classes with me, but most importantly she sat by me in calculus and always loaned me pencils. She's going to Cornell.

San Diego Friends

Now that I go to UCSD I have more friends to put on this web site. Emma is from Boulder, so she and I are in the out-of-state minority together. She was my suitemate last year. She was just awesome to have around because even though it doesn't seem like a big deal to just be from a different state, it would be really scary if nobody else was going through it with me. Emma's living by Pacific Beach this year so I don't see her quite as much. Meagan is from Vista, and she and I are roommates this year! We have good fun together. She has some good music I'd probably never hear if it weren't for her (Catherine Wheel, Ani DiFranco, Lauren Hoffman, etc). We went to the Garbage concert together at Rimac on the 1st of October. Ashunta was another suitemate from last year who is now in the apartment with me and Meagan. Ashunta is a poli-sci major like me, so we have always have a class together. She's from LA and has a silly laugh that makes me giggle. My friends in pepband at UCSD are pretty cool too. One of these days I'll try to put something up here about them.

Harvard Friends

In 1996 I went to summer school at Harvard where I met some really cool people. Elaine and I met at breakfast one day and somehow realized we had a great thing in common- we're both IRC addicts! :) So we hung out (on irc), watched "The Net", and did other fun things IRC freaks do! :) Elaine (who goes by Lainey on irc, btw) just made her first web page so go check it out! She's at Wellesley nowadays. Lauren and Masaru were my other friends here, and we always had a blast and got in lots of trouble no matter what we did. Check out the pic of the three of us in the subway station. When we weren't out destroying Boston, we were in the computer lab. Although we never got kicked out of the lab, it was pretty close sometimes... the trick is to avoid the CLAB at peak hours (aka 8am-10pm) because then there aren't any people with power to kick you out! One of the best things about Ru is that no matter how long it's been between phone calls, it's always just like old times and we can still totally relate to each other. This is what Masaru looks like when you scan his face:

Ruru's page is neato groovy to check out btw!

FoLC/Feak Friends

A FoLC is a Fan of Lois and Clark, as in the tv show, "Lois and Clark." My FoLC friends are basically people i've met online or in person from all over the world. I even made a FoLC Map Web Page to show where FoLCs live! Check out Jenn's page to see more about FoLCs and stuff, or just visit them on the undernet on #loiscla! A Feak is someone who isn't a freak although non-feaks might not know this. It shouldn't really make sense unless you are a feak. All the people in this category were at some point folcs, then became feaks and folcs, and are now just feaks. First there is Kellie, I call her Lie cuz she calls me Dra. She's a senior in HS and will be going to U of Delaware in the fall. Will, the lone boy on our feaklist. He's such a sweetie, but we're not sure if thats because he's really a nice guy or because he's so young he's not corrupt yet :) Jen, she's called Nej by me and she calls me Ardnek. Nej is fun, we use each other to vent to when we are both stressed out. She is a freshman at SJSU this year. She is a very fun person to talk to. We have had some fun New Years Eve "parties" together too :-) Bec, who lives in Adelaide. I finally met her in January '99 when she was in the states on holiday. Bec's as nice in person as she is online. Amy goes to BGSU and is a big Tribe fan. She's majoring in art therapy and always has interesting stories to tell us about her life drawing class. She's good and emails the list more often than others! Saskie Jenn is another feak, from Canada. She never has a bad thing to say about anyone! Her page about her friends is the most original and hilarious I have ever seen!

Lunkhead Friends

Actually I only have one lunkhead friend, but she needs a heading all her own! :) Lauren, aka Lunkhead on irc (for obvious reasons..), fits in three of the above categories, so rather than put her in all of them (she's boring enough as it is ;), why make you read it all 3 times??), I decided to give her a section of her own! Once we were in CLAB and were trying to think of somewhere to get some food (it was around midnight). So we ruled out ABP (featured in "Good Will Hunting"), and then Lauren comes up with a brilliant question: "Do you think Store24 is open?" Well, for those of you who can't figure it out by the name, Store24 is open 24 hours a day. Hehe, we got a kick of out that for awhile. Well anyways Lauren is now a sophomore majoring in journalism and English at USC. She spent this past summer working in England doing research online. Check out her obsessive David Duchovney page. On October 4, Lauren and I competed in the Mission Bay Triathalon together. The first tri for both of us. She's got a few pics up on her page.

Iowa Guy/Audiguy Friends

I only have one Iowa guy friend, but he doesn't fit anywhere else and he would probably feel left out not being on this elite page.. I've known Darin for a long time, and he's actually pretty cool for someone from the middle of nowhere! He's obsessed with cars, hence the nickname 'Audiguy'. Go check out his new page. It really needs some work but seeing as how he's always working on other pages and getting paid for them, I can understand his lack of inspiration to work on a personal page of his own.

Brown Bear Friends

Once again, I just have one friend in this category! He and Debbie are my two best friends in the world. They can get pretty jealous of each other, so I have to keep them apart a lot. Some people don't understand why someone would want a bear who was never smiling, but when you're not in a good mood and you need a hug, who wants the person/bear you're hugging to be *smiling*? Not me thats for sure! Anyways, Brown Bear just finished his first web site, so check it out!

So these are my friends. E-mail me if I left you out, I'll add you sometime*. Please don't be mad if you think I've "forgotten" you.. You're probably actually just not here because I'm afraid other people might get jealous of you.....

Also go here to visit my other page o'friends. I hope you make it back safely. The trip will be long and arduous, a lot of the links don't work anymore.. Don't say you weren't warned.

[Words marked by '*' such as 'later' and 'soon' and 'sometime' mean the next time I get a term paper assigned that I need to avoid..]