Kendy's Krazy Klips

Klips: as in favorite movie clips!
Then go see what movies I have seen lately and what I have to say about them.

Airplane and its sequel Airplane 2 are TOTALLY funny movies. I've only seen bits and pieces of each, when they're on TNT or TBS, but I love 'em. Warning: they may cause serious breathing problems unless you've developed a talent of being able to breathe and laugh simultaneously! Here's a quote I love from it..:
"The mountains, Ted, the mountains!!!"- flight attendent
"What mountains? We're over Iowa!!"- passenger/pilot
"The cornfields, Ted, the cornfields!!!"

Top Gun is a TOTALLY awesome movie! My friends get sick of me quoting it all the time and always suggesting it as a movie to watch when we have nothing else to do, but what is there not to love about it?

Clueless is one of the best movies that came out in 1996! At first I didn't want to see it because it looked ditzy and stupid, like one of those plotless movies with SNL cast members in it! But my friends Debbie and Suzanne dragged me to it, and I LOVED it. I highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor. Even my mom's friend likes it and so does my English teacher! Check out this link to a bunch of links, and when you're done, go check out some major Baldwins!

Back to the Future is another classic from the 80's. Part one is the best, then part three. Part two isn't bad, but could have been better. Anyways go check out the link to the BTTF web page and try to figure out what he was doing in the tree anyhow..

Sixteen Candles is just so adorable, but it can be kind of annoying to watch because of how sweet it is. If you've seen it a million times, check out this quiz to see if you need to rent it again.

Heathers is perfect if you're in one of those "argh i hate everyone. people are stupid." moods!

[Ferris Bueller's Day Off] Ferris Bueller's Day Off is always a fave. It was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw.

Breakfast Club is just another classic 80's everyone has to see. And it's got that awesome song "If You Leave" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark!