The Series Finale of Another World

Friday, June 25, 1999

Lila and Cass are at the altar. When the judge asks if anyone can show just cause why these two people should not be married, Carolyn jumps out and nabs Cass! Cass tells everyone not to panic, it will upset the Carolyn. Lila doesn't understand what is going on, so Felicia explains everything to Lila. Lila can't believe Cass has a gorilla for an ex-girlfriend. Carolyn picks Cass up and runs off with him. Joe calls the cops and says that Cass has been captured by a gorilla, and they need a vet with a tranquilizer gun. As everyone is running around trying to find Cass, and the judge tells Lila that he has a poker game to get to, which upsets Lila. Lila fumes about all the things that have come in between her and Cass, and she's upset that everyone knew about Carolyn and Cass. Felicia grabs the judge's phone and calls Sam Radcliff for help. She explains to him the problem they are having with Carolyn.

David and Cindy are driving around in David's limo. Cindy is tackling David's business calls and impresses David with her ruthlessness. As Cindy is talking about moving out of this boring town, Carolyn stops David's limo by running out into the street. When Cindy rolls down the window, Cindy and David scream when Carolyn peers into their limo. David and Cindy, who are sore from their limo accident, join the wedding party and sits down. They realize that nobody wants David or her here, so they decide to leave. However, Lila tells her that they should just stay, everything else has gone wrong. Cindy then tells Paulina how much she loves her and doesn't care what anyone in this town thinks about her except her. She says that she wouldn't have been able to say that if David's limo hadn't hit a gorilla. Everyone screams "what gorilla?" and Cindy points and answers "that gorilla!" Cass and Carolyn are sitting ontop of the wedding trellis. Cass says that Carolyn likes R&B, and Felicia asks Sergei to get his boom box. Sergei turns on James Brown and they all sing "Get Up Off Of That Thing." They eventually rescue Cass and Carolyn is taken off by someone from the habitat. Unfortunately, the judge announces that he is leaving. Etta Mae says that they don't need him, they have Tyrone! Tyrone tells everyone that he has been elected to fill Judge Walker's vacant seat. Tyrone agrees to marry them, even though he doesn't know how to conduct a marriage ceremony. Lila grabs the other Judge's book and tells him he won't need it at a poker game. The wedding is once again on, and everyone re-walks down the isle. Charlie has prepared a surprise for Cass and Lila, she has arranged for everyone to look into a camera and wish "Cass and Lila" happiness, however it is also a farewell to the fans.

Cindy wishes them, and us, that our house is never robbed or burnt down! We also learn that Chris and Toni are indeed moving to Tampa. Cass and Lila are finally pronounced husband and wife. As they kiss, Frankie's spirit shows up and is happy for them. Lila and Cass take to the floor to dance the first dance. Charlie looks up to the heavens and tells her mom, who is right beside her, that she knew she would be here. Charlie tells her mom that she will always love her, and Frankie says that she knows that and Lila and Cass will always love her, but she'll keep looking after her. Cass then invites Charlie to dance with him.

Joe leaves to check on Dante and Paulina talks to Cindy. Paulina tells Cindy that she doesn't want to spend a lot of energy hating her. She says that they've both been through a lot, and she forgives her. Cindy is overjoyed and the two hug. Vicky runs into Paulina and wonders what is happening to them, they are both forgiving women they hate. Vicky says that maybe it is this place, something in the water. However, Paulina says that maybe it is a day for happy endings, finally. Vicky and Jake then ask Paulina and JOe to be their babies' godparents, and they say they'd be honored. The night winds down and all the families head back to their homes. Remy and Nick take Dante home so that Paulina and Joe can have some time alone. Paulina and Joe discuss having more children, and Paulina says that Jake and Vicky rented them a motel till 2AM. Cindy is happy to see Paulina happy, and that they are friends again. David is impressed that Cindy actually has a heart. David has arranged for them both to fly to the island of Tankier (sp?) Cindy kisses David, who has spared no expense for them. David says very few people have heard about it, but Cindy has because Grant used to talk about going there one day, and says it is too bad he never made it there. The scene flashes to Tankier, where Grant, who is alive and well, is sipping a tropical drink at a beach bar. Later that evening fireworks explode overhead of Bay City.

The McKinnons, Loves, and Burrels all return to the cottage. Vicky tells Marley that she's so glad to see her happy again. Marley says that she is happy, and didn't know this kind of happiness would be possible for her after all she did.

Carl and Rachel return home, and Rachel says alls well that ends well. She puts a snapshot of Cass and Lila's wedding with all the other photos of family and friends. Rachel walks around her room looking at the various photos, and pauses at each table. As she looks at the photos, and song "In This Life", by Bette Midler, plays in the background. Carl and Rachel turn out the lights and ascend the staircase . . . The last picture we see is of Mac Cory toasting us.

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