Another World's Performer of the Month for September 1998


Once again, Jensen Buchanan seems to be the viewer's choice for performer of the month. She is definately my favorite!

Until recently, Jensen Buchanan played the twins, Victoria Love and Marley Hudson, from July 1991 to April 1994. She then took a 6 month maturnity leave. Her son, John Conor, was born on April 24, 1994. She returned to the soap in October 1994. In June 1998, Ellen Wheeler reprised her role as Marley, while Jensen continues to play Vicky. Jensen has been the favorite among viewers for many months. She has been doing an excellent job playing a woman who will hold onto her husband, Jake, at any cost. Her sister Marley is giving her a run for her money however. Keep on at it Vicky!

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Background Information:

Jensen was raised in Neenah, Wisconsin. She began her career as a singer. She appeared with the Young Vocalists Program at Tanglewood, where she studied with Seiji Ozawa, the conductor of the Boston Symphony, and the late Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein. She attended Boston University's School of Fine Arts where she was a music major, concentrating on opera. Due to the fact that opera is also a theatrical art form, she studied theater as part of the curriculum.

After several summers touring with stock theater companies, Jensen moved to New York and joined the ABC Network's Talent and Development Program. Her first soap opera role was in One Life To Live as Sarah Gordon. She also appeared briefly on All My Chidren.

Her current role on AW:

Victoria finally got married to her childhood sweetheart, Jake, despite the wishes of her last lover, Shane. Vicky and Jake did not enjoy wedding bliss for too long however!
Lila was up to her dirty tricks again. She and Grant wrote a journal that was supposively Shane's. It tells explict details about his "affair" with Vicky. Donna got a hold of it and believed every word. She told Marley, who came to Bay City. In a fit of rage, Donna drove right into "Vicky" and Grant. To her surprise, "Vicky" turned out to be Marley. While in the hospital recovering from the accident, there was a fire which Jake saved Marley from. She suffered major burns to her face and had to have reconstructive surgery. This is how Ellen Wheeler got to reprise her role as Marley, while Jensen continues on as Vicky.
Recently, there has been a struggle between Vicky, Jake and Marley. Both twins have always been in love with Jake. Who will win? I am rooting for Vicky, who deserves to finally have a man to be happy with. One who does not turn evil, like Grant, die in an unfortunate accident, like Ryan or turn out to be someone else, like Bobby/Shane.
All background information is from a book called The Ultimate Soap Opera Guide by Seli Groves. It is a Stearn Publishers Ltd. Book and was written in 1995.

All storyline information is written by myself unless otherwise noted.

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