October 1998's Performer of the Month

Lisa Peluso

(Lila Roberts)

Background Information:

Lisa Peluso was born in Philadelphia on July 29. Lisa started modeling at four months as the Philadelphia Phillies' caption baby. Her previous soap opera role have been Wendy Wilkins on "Search for Tommorrow" and Ava Rescott Alden Masters on "Loving".

Current Storyline Information:

Lila has been stirring up trouble for residents of Bay City since her arrival. When she first arrived on the scene she was in a hospital and Shane Roberts (Vicky's flame) was visiting her. We soon found out the she was his former wife and that he was accused of murder. Lila did not like the fact that Shane had moved on with Vicky. Even after Shane's death, Lila continued to cause havoc, by trying to destroy Vicky and Jake's marriage. Meanwhile, she has plans for her newborn baby. The baby is a result of a one-nigt stand with Matt Cory. Lila wants to be included in the Cory family and will stop at nothing until she gets there!

All background info. was provided by The Ultimate Soap Opera Guide by Seli Groves. Published by Stearn Publishers Ltd. in 1995.
All storyline info. was written by myself.

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